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Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package


Published on 2 weeks ago

Nexstar's Basil John reports.


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Y . 1 day ago

So destroy America, again. Democrats and now republicans love giving our, the peoples money to other countries!!! Evil
Robert Ronning

Robert Ronning . 2 days ago

Who's your buddy now Mr Paul
Zep 4

Zep 4 . 2 days ago

I LOVE Rand Paul…a true Patriot.Those other guys are so anxious to spend money WE DON’T HAVE‼️

luckyea7 . 2 days ago

The Fed, the Bank of England and Switzerland created and financed Hitler and the Third Reich to kill the USSR. And at the Nuremberg trials, the ex-president of the Reichsbank and the Minister of Economics of Nazi Germany, Hjalmar Schacht, suggested that, for the sake of justice, those who nurtured the Third Reich should be put on trial, while mentioning the American corporations General Motors and Ford, as well as the personal manager of the Bank of England Norman Montague. More details about this are written in the book by Professor of Political Economy at the University of Washington Preparat Guido Giacomo "Hitler, inc. How Britain and the United States created the Third Reich."

The Anglo-Saxons became the root cause and organizers of the bloodiest war in history. Now history is repeating itself. The Anglo-Saxons nurtured and finance neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine that kill civilians in Ukraine. Only two countries voted against the UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism: the United States and Ukraine.

For example, the American site Antiwar in its article "Partnering With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: An Inconvenient History" wrote that the United States is cooperating with Ukrainian neo-Nazis in the war against Russia. The history of this cooperation goes back many years. Moreover, the Americans are well aware of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists against humanity. But the current Ukrainian neo-Nazis are needed by America in the fight against Russia.

Financing of the “Right Sector” banned in Russia and its “military wings” - the “Volunteer Ukrainian Corps” and the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army”, a number of other neo-Nazi groups is carried out through such foreign organizations as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), the British Council, Congress of Ukrainians in Canada. Actually, the coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014 was carried out on the initiative of Western politicians, because of which Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions decided to withdraw from Ukraine, not wanting to be under the rule of neo-Nazis. In 2017, RAND Corporation expert Samuel Charap said that the United States participated in organizing the "orange revolution" in Ukraine in 2004, and the events in Ukraine in 2014 were directly related to "the policy of the West in this region." NATO instructors have been training militants of the neo-Nazi formation "Azov" for several years.

In November 2015, the US Congress removed amendments that would have limited the supply of weapons, training and other assistance to the neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia "Azov Battalion".

In December 2017, Richard Vandiver, a spokesman for the American weapons company AirTronic, said that the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine was carried out in "very close coordination" with the US Embassy, the State Department, the Pentagon and the Ukrainian government. A few weeks later, the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab confirmed in a January 2018 report that Azov was the recipient of the weapons.

Member of the House of Representatives from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Green said that since the Obama days, Democrats have been funding Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

According to former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, the US, British and Canadian military visited Ukraine to create nationalist groups in the west of the country. Subsequently, these people overthrew the legitimate President Yanukovych and began to pursue a violent policy. Their influence has become so serious that neo-Nazis even threatened ex-head of state Petro Poroshenko, who was ready to recognize the special status of Donbass in 2015, Ritter noted. A similar fate befell the incumbent President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Gorbachev made an attempt to end the confrontation between the US and the USSR. He withdrew troops from the Warsaw Pact countries, and NATO promised not to expand to the east. This promise was recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the political directors of the foreign ministries of the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany, held in Bonn on March 6, 1991. Also, the non-expansion of NATO to the east was repeatedly stated during personal meetings and at a press conference by German Foreign Minister Genscher, US Secretary of State James Baker, Deputy National Security Adviser to the US President Robert Gates, German Chancellor Kohl, as well as the US State Department in their press release. issue dated February 13, 1990. But NATO did not fulfill its promise, simply deceiving Gorbachev, and further organizes military conflicts around the world.

The United States has staged 201 armed conflicts out of 248 that have occurred in 153 regions of the world since the end of World War II. These figures are for 1945–2001 only. In particular, the wars unleashed by the Americans in the Middle East are not taken into account.

In addition to directly participating in wars, Washington has intervened in the affairs of other countries by supporting proxy wars (inciting civil wars and separatist conflicts beneficial to the US), fomenting anti-government insurgencies, committing assassinations, supplying weapons and ammunition, and training anti-government military forces. With all this, the United States has harmed the social stability and public safety of many countries.

The conflict in Ukraine led to the following consequences:

- The GDP of the United States in the first quarter of this year collapsed by 1.4%, while inflation reached a record 8.5%. Such high inflation was in the US for the last time back in 1981. The US trade deficit in March amounted to $109.8 billion against 89.8 billion a month ago. The pace of deficit expansion is unprecedented.

- Consumer prices in the euro area in April rose by 7.5 percent in annual terms, according to preliminary data from the Statistical Office of the European Union. This is an absolute record in the history of calculations.

Over the moment, an oligarchy has developed in the United States, which is one of the forms of autocracy. Scholars Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University conducted a study that showed that the policies of the United States government are in the interests of the rich and their influence groups, and not the wishes of the majority. The scientists note that “the main conclusion that follows from our study is that economic elites and organized groups representing the interests of business have the ability to significantly influence the policies pursued by the US government, while groups formed to protect the interests of the masses, and ordinary citizens have little to no influence.

The real income of the average American has not risen for several decades, despite the fact that GDP per capita has been growing during this time. The oligarchs benefited from this growth, while the Americans got nothing. In 2011, according to PolitiFact and others, the top 400 richest Americans "have more wealth than half of all Americans combined."

Although the United States is the largest economy in the world, it still does not have free medicine and higher education. More than 20% of American adults have difficulty writing, and some can't even read a newspaper, ABC reported. It would be possible to send money from the budget to solve these issues, but Baden preferred to send them to finance neo-Nazis.

*COMPARE THE NUMBERS. In total, the United States has now provided more than $4 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine alone. And all the start-ups in the world dealing with life extension issues attract less than $1 billion in total investments per year.*

*The money that was spent on inciting armed conflicts could be spent on peaceful and most important purposes: the fight against aging, rejuvenation, the creation of a cure for cancer, genetic engineering, biotechnology, the performance of social functions by the state in front of the citizens of their country: free medicine and higher education, etc. A meager amount is allocated for the most valuable thing that a person has - life, and a lot of money for financing the war! Instead of stopping aging, we are on the brink of nuclear war! Instead of colonizing other planets, we risk destroying life on Earth!*
Larry Cook

Larry Cook . 3 days ago

One man with integrity. Where are the Rhinos. Democrats are communist bastards, Republicans have a set of balls the size of bee bees. No spine. They would sell out their families for a buck.
Jun Paw

Jun Paw . 3 days ago

Schumacher is will to help others nations securities but refuse to help our own borders securities..why?????
Владимир Макаров

Владимир Макаров . 4 days ago

Давайте побольше нам помощь нужна
opzz xsin

opzz xsin . 4 days ago

I feel like the same thing is going to happen to Vietnams capital. The U.S. gives up, then the capitalists take the rest.
Krishna Chaitanya

Krishna Chaitanya . 5 days ago

He should run for president of the United States he has some common sense ❤️
John Glock

John Glock . 5 days ago

BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS are so caught up
Trying to get ga- Billions of our Dollars to help Ukraine , but they have not mentioned to the rest of the World, that for the the last 3years , million of JEWS had migrated to Los Angeles from every where & are on WELFARE
Costing the Californian TAXPAYERS "TRILLIONS" of US DOLLARS ,!!!
CALIFORNIA is DROWNING in DEBT b/ cuz of these " Free- loading " JEWS you brought here
Get them out of our STATE or I will hold you fully responsible and that wont be too good for you,' get it ????
Brad Grauer

Brad Grauer . 5 days ago

Democrats money-laundering operation was shut down in the Ukraine that's what the money is for. In the meantime you got people that can't even feed their babies with baby food. FYJB.
UnKnOwN 000

UnKnOwN 000 . 5 days ago

Why not let us tax players vote we are the one paying for this BS
Sue Tilton

Sue Tilton . 5 days ago

Must of gave him some of the money ..as of today it passed.....how we change our beliefs
Tim Jhonson

Tim Jhonson . 5 days ago

Listen just because your republicans are afraid of Russia doesn't mean that aid must be stopped to a country who needs help your republicans don't care about nobody but yourselves
Lillian McManus

Lillian McManus . 5 days ago

We all have major concerns about this and we have concerns about the Republicans that voted for this I think they need to be voted out
Ultra MAGA Republican

Ultra MAGA Republican . 5 days ago

Aid Package full of pork
A lot in package Nothing to do with Ukraine
They are using Ukraine to pass pork package
Money for future military contracts years away !
Let the people know what’s in the package
Demo are using Ukraine to pass Pork !

MIKE AMERICA . 5 days ago

Paul was RIGHT! Still Paying off Ukrain for Biden Family secrets I see. While America goes down the toilet.
George Yao

George Yao . 5 days ago

They gained Mariupol but lost Kharkiv and a few other cities. It is a zero sum gain along with a lot of dead solders and destroyed equipment. They have lost their ultimate goal through a long string of loses. The Russian army have gone through many generals and commanders with ultimate result which is failure as the Ukrainians are fighting a hit and run style defence and offence so they are hard to pin down. Putin is doubling down on the Ukrainian war by sending more equipment and solders all of which will end up the same way. With Belarus railway resistance fighters stalling the transport of equipment and with Ukrainians blowing up ammunition depots and equipment the situation is getting dire for Russias. This war cannot even be sustained for a year before Russia itself will fall into utter bankruptcy and chaos with the European sanctions, reducing consumption of gas and switching gas suppliers. All of which point to almost no money left in the bank to pay for this costly war on Ukraine with no real objective and no real monetary gain beside ruin. Braver shows.
Larry Miller

Larry Miller . 5 days ago

He's correct in doing so!
Only a small part of the forty billion is going to Ukraine. No one knows where the rest is going...I'd say democratic self interest groups/projects

GrannySquirts69 . 5 days ago

Rand Paul takes after his dad so much. Wish one of them would get a shot at the presidency
zijuiy wttuy

zijuiy wttuy . 5 days ago

Thankyou Ran Paul
John Wordsworth

John Wordsworth . 5 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul a true fair-weather friend
Grandpa Is Raving on about Putin
Roy Adams

Roy Adams . 6 days ago

Sure send another $40 billion to the LARGEST MONEY LAUNDERING COUNTRY on the European continent! What could possibly go wrong with that?🤷
Dmytro Len

Dmytro Len . 6 days ago

Because of no hope for Ruscists-Fascists they are forced to enclose all their top level agents! Unfortunately, Sen. Rand Paul is one of the Putlers-Hitlers top agents (same like Macron).
Ander Snorok

Ander Snorok . 6 days ago

"moral obligation" ? like that time you left Afghanistan and let Taliban regain control ? You mean that moral compass ?
What a bunch of liars and manipulative criminals
bofooit gojo

bofooit gojo . 6 days ago

Forty plus billion? Is Schumer out of his ever loving mind? Let Schumer contribute if he desires, but he works for me and I'm voting him out come next election.

mjs28s . 6 days ago


"We have a moral obligation to act swiftly."

Then get out your own goddamn checkbook.

You can't act morally with someone else's money. You do so by putting your money where you mouth is. After you donate from your own pocket then spend your time outside of work privately raising funds for the causes that you belief in. Moral obligations that are paid for with stolen or borrowed money is not moral. Nor is it moral to force someone to do what you think is right.

His idea of morality is simply the ends justify the immoral means.

If that is the case, Schummer, then how about the ends of saving this country for the long-term means that in the short-term to intermediate term government programs are cut as we work to spending no more than we take in, we simplify the tax code to a Fair Tax type program, and return the majority of what the federal government has take on as it role back to the states where it belongs.

Randy . 6 days ago

Rand Paul for President. Putting America First.

beth98362 . 7 days ago

If Biden hadn't left so much military hardware in the middle east we could have given all of it to them in place of the 40 billion!

beth98362 . 7 days ago

Mr Paul...your our hero!
Alejandro soto martin

Alejandro soto martin . 7 days ago

Putin doesn´t give a shit about Republicans or Democrats ruling the United States. They said on Russian public television that thanks to Donald Trump's four years (unfortunately) they had 4 years to rearm as much as they could before attacking Ukraine. Trump was mocked as a clown. The Russians laughed at Trump in the face. What a pity.
Reza R

Reza R . 7 days ago

Fuck Ukraine, pay attention to our own damn country.
SlApNuTz RaCiNg

SlApNuTz RaCiNg . 7 days ago

They want this nation to be a broke ass 3rd world country
asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 1 week ago

There's nothing wrong with asking for a receipt of purchase if the money isn't yours to spend freely, to begin with.
Shohel Rana

Shohel Rana . 1 week ago

Cynthia Mayo

Cynthia Mayo . 1 week ago

I think that they should take that 40 billion dollars and turn it into stimulus checks for Americans.

M S . 1 week ago

With echoes of Trump, GOP splinters over $40B for Ukraine. I have to say if they are still talking about the citrus one the people might have made a mistake by not standing behind him.

M S . 1 week ago

My house is dilapidated but I am going to give my neighbor forty billion to help him remodel.
Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith . 1 week ago

*We're giving $40 billion to Ukraine. The same Ukraine that fired the prosecutor of the Burisma Holdings scandal, Viktor Shokin?!*
Hiram Negron

Hiram Negron . 1 week ago

The war is over nobody is pushing Russia please don't make me laugh Airheads
Ed Hoffa

Ed Hoffa . 1 week ago

80 billion lost in US weapons left behind in Afghanistan 40 billion for Ukraine do we have enough weapons for the USA? Bidens budget has a dismal amount on our military budget another Biden for up
kill watchers

kill watchers . 1 week ago

God bless Rand Paul!

DiS♡F . 1 week ago

i remember when liberals would actually support accountability for money spent on war. now we see hot to trot Pelosi and her poodle, Adam Schiff advocating another forever war

fsxlfcfandom . 1 week ago

As someone who disagrees with Rand on a lot, I applaud him for being 'anti spending' on everything, unlike hypocrites Manchin who opposes spending on clean energy and societal support because it will 'make inflation worse' yet he supports huge military budgets and sending huge amounts of money to foreign countries. I mean, does Ukraine really need $40 billion? Russia is losing badly right now, and we already just sent Ukraine $13 billion not too long ago.
Matt Poole

Matt Poole . 1 week ago

Commie Republican.

bbfreetube . 1 week ago

We have a moral obligation to our people. Homeless. Illegal immigration, rising inflation, food shortages and more.
Andrew Lowry

Andrew Lowry . 1 week ago

What about the border
Andrew Lowry

Andrew Lowry . 1 week ago

We don’t have to help them nato should
T Lain

T Lain . 1 week ago

Rand Paul you are a BEAUTIFUL HERO!!!!!
Abel C Mutsvairo

Abel C Mutsvairo . 1 week ago

40billion is 2 million standard houses spent in bullets and missiles to cause more suffering to humanity. Funding the nazis that you were fighting just yesterday .

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