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First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience


Published on 2 weeks ago

Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

Comments :

sou atain

sou atain . 30 minutes ago

no third os allowed , only better windows 12 or chrome os or google mobil
xXDxrkBoyXx 7589

xXDxrkBoyXx 7589 . 2 hours ago

Look the man shoes minute 8;23
Quato Productions

Quato Productions . 3 hours ago

who's from paulo manso animation?
FD LeoTheLionKiD

FD LeoTheLionKiD . 4 hours ago

See you guys when the ps6 is out
leoul mekonnen

leoul mekonnen . 4 hours ago

yes now i could afford to buy playstation 2

다크 엔젤다크ᎠᎪᎡK ᎪNᏩᎬᏞ . 5 hours ago

_I want Playstation Home back._
vlad games

vlad games . 5 hours ago

Hope its price gets lower after 4 5 years so that i can buy then 🤭
Hussain Ali

Hussain Ali . 5 hours ago

Ps5: pulse 3D headset,dualsense controller. Ps6:game suit:you can wear it and feel actual gunshots and something touching ur arm or hand or body,and a controller that whenever u shoot u can feel it on the controller(I think ps5 has that) Xbox series x:battery controller,ugly box and horrible games Xbox because of watching ps5 live event they don’t make another stupid Xbox

Adamstphns . 6 hours ago

Am I the only that is wondering if sony gonna bring back ps home?
DOGE 212

DOGE 212 . 6 hours ago

I dont know this anymore yesterday feels like i got my ps4 when it was actually 2014 😞

WhatAFatRat . 7 hours ago

*Mic exists on controller* Sweats: *Controller Clatter*

VolkyWay . 7 hours ago

How are uno activity cards are going to look like? If it is a +4 to start a game *take my money*
Emcy ReaLPZ

Emcy ReaLPZ . 8 hours ago

WeLcOmE 👁🎮😼
ufor ufor

ufor ufor . 10 hours ago

most consoles now don't have voice support, it is context aware anyway
Maddox Kinion

Maddox Kinion . 10 hours ago

I’m kind of sad because there’s no way I will ever get a PlayStation 5 because of the money problems.

Abe . 11 hours ago

I hate the ps4 user interface it's so trash glad this is a lot better
Francis Gabriel L Abordo

Francis Gabriel L Abordo . 11 hours ago

Sony, can you publish the startup, shutdown, and rest mode screen?
Digitalsword 6953

Digitalsword 6953 . 11 hours ago

Even though I play Nintendo Switch, this is pretty cool tbh
Adam Kendell

Adam Kendell . 12 hours ago

Who’s voice is that speaking??? Phil from family guy ???
Keniel Valentin

Keniel Valentin . 12 hours ago

who is watching this in 2027?

HailPriest . 13 hours ago

See you guys in 20 years from now till then.
zke didj

zke didj . 13 hours ago

What about the noise? is it silent?
He11cat 2805

He11cat 2805 . 15 hours ago

In 8 years when the ps6 is out someone will get this in their recommended if that is you welcome to the past

EricstheBruh . 15 hours ago

1:04 voice crack??
1v1 LOL

1v1 LOL . 15 hours ago


LROUGE . 16 hours ago

traduction arabic ?
theo zimerman

theo zimerman . 17 hours ago

Is there any way i can continue playing my ps4 online games from wherever i left on ps5?
Joe Cremin

Joe Cremin . 17 hours ago

Are party’s gonna have the update aswell?

Burek_s_mesom . 17 hours ago

"ultra fast SSD" A normal 30$ SSD thats, what he was trying to say.
Video commenter

Video commenter . 18 hours ago

How fast is the Plash Speed 5? Microsoft already released their fridge.
Xd Prankster999

Xd Prankster999 . 19 hours ago

hello future me , you better have a job and a gf in 5 years and hello to the people that gets this in there recommended🥰😳😭
Bugz Buggin

Bugz Buggin . 19 hours ago

Hello random person who will get this reccomended this in 10 years i hope you enjoy your new PS7 :)
Matthew Jauregui

Matthew Jauregui . 20 hours ago

Hear me out, if we can see each others screens, that means we can cheat in black ops Cold War? For instance in SnD we will be able to see diff POV’s 😳
alectric alexia

alectric alexia . 20 hours ago

Buying my boyfriend a ps5 after it come out for his birthday 🥳

XCHX . 20 hours ago

See you all when this gets recommended when they reveal the PS6 UI
valerio lucchini

valerio lucchini . 20 hours ago

i speak on behalf of many people when i say .... ps5 total black pls !!!!!!!
It’s Bray Ramen

It’s Bray Ramen . 21 hours ago

It reminds me our xbox
Nugget King

Nugget King . 22 hours ago

Wowie ps5 has pretty animation in the ui...big deeal ;/
Rei Do Google

Rei Do Google . 22 hours ago

ps now in Brazil

Lewislees0345 . 22 hours ago

This is so bad
Memed up Gamer

Memed up Gamer . 23 hours ago

Hello Mario

Solomon107 . 24 hours ago

This is so amazing, this isn't just a new concept of gaming, THIS IS THE FUTURE OF GAMING

B R U H M O M E N T . 24 hours ago

Will it lower the GTA 5 load time?

Keqing . 1 day ago

please tell me that there is gonna be some beautiful background music! and background
The Forgoten Re-45

The Forgoten Re-45 . 1 day ago

Are you still going to update the PS4?
T.R.U. Louisianimal

T.R.U. Louisianimal . 1 day ago

Tyler Whitaker

Tyler Whitaker . 1 day ago

Hey future me in 6 years!

yassine . 1 day ago

the best than xbox
ali mohammed

ali mohammed . 1 day ago

Dimension of a crazy kid

Dimension of a crazy kid . 1 day ago

Yeah it looks like trash why couldn't it just be like the ps4

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