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The Chargers 2022 Schedule, But It's Anime | LA Chargers
Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Los Angeles Chargers reveal their 2022 schedule as an anime intro. Get ready to see quarterback Justin Herbert, edge rusher Joey Bosa & head coach Brandon Staley in primetime matchups with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams and more.

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YouTube . 2 weeks ago

perfect representation of the bye week 😭
Richard Grape

Richard Grape . 6 minutes ago

Really? Overreact much?? People act like this(like everything else) is the greatest thing ever 🤨 riiight 🤦

ftd888 . 7 minutes ago

The Taxman

The Taxman . 45 minutes ago

Anime intro diss track now has me rooting for the chargers. What a strange world.
Jayden the chargers fan

Jayden the chargers fan . 1 hour ago

is it just me or do yall miss san diego chargers

MetalCatGaming . 2 hours ago

I'm a Ravens fan, but this was fucking awesome.
The Great Badon

The Great Badon . 2 hours ago

From a packers fan this is amazing who ever made this needs a raise ASAP 🙌🏻👏🏻
Nickalus Mahan

Nickalus Mahan . 3 hours ago

Bro the chargers suck but this video goes hard
Lombre Fan

Lombre Fan . 3 hours ago

Y'all need to do this every year!
Paco Hernandez

Paco Hernandez . 3 hours ago

I love this! But how could you do the Cards and K1 like that?! 😭
AngelCraft Gaming

AngelCraft Gaming . 3 hours ago

Amazingly put together. Thank you for this master piece
ivan gonzalez medina

ivan gonzalez medina . 4 hours ago

That is hella fire
Silver Knight87

Silver Knight87 . 5 hours ago

I so terribly want this to get edited throughout the season with the progress of the team

AirPAPA . 6 hours ago

O:28 Family trust respect on the ship front
0:39 The bar where Urban Myer (former Jags kicker) sat and "drank"
0:46 Probably said something bad about Desuan Watson, everyone's favorite woman respecter.
0:52 Besides the obvious let Russ cook, there is a Mr Unlimited tag/sticker on his chest
0:56 Here we go..., the first tombstone says RIP Leagion of Boom, the one on the left says, One Yard Line, the one behind it says many names from the Seahawks organization (I can't read the first one), the one on the right of that one says Mabia Kimes??? Football hopes and dreams, and to the right of that it says 2001 Seattle Mariners. Finally on the first tombstone it has a tired Drew Lock holding a sign that reads, "thx 4 Russ. Den."
1:03 Waffle House rendering to Julio Jones, and the 28to3 reference under the sign, or under the waffle house.
1:05 Nick and Joey Bosa
1:16 Rap Sheet and Adam Shefter
1:22 A tweet that was tweeted just before Kyle Murray deleted all his posts on insta
1:28 "AB's discarded helmets" referring to Antonio Browns helmet that the NFL banned,a almost made AB quit football
The trash can reads D-140 do not know what that means, sorry.
1:33 it says AJ was here, referring to AJ brown

HeavyMeta . 6 hours ago

Well this was random
Jacob Jimenez

Jacob Jimenez . 7 hours ago

1:44 ion get it
Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar . 8 hours ago

Ayo, hope we meet in the Chip this year lads, I was a chargers fan as a youngling but followed Drew to the big easy. Hope you all the best in AFC Chaos, Bolt Up
Toronto Raptors Fan

Toronto Raptors Fan . 8 hours ago

Cardinals killed me 💀💀💀

Dukeduck . 9 hours ago

Ah yes, when two of the best things collide.

Erdega2 . 9 hours ago

The Legion of Boom grave was a nice touch in the video
Mat_Pro Game_Chanel

Mat_Pro Game_Chanel . 10 hours ago

Why can’t bills do this

Cold.Prodzz . 12 hours ago

Not a chargers fan (I’m a browns fan)but I’m a exited to watch them play this season I like Herbert and James
The painter project

The painter project . 13 hours ago

Why are the bosas bears

Wobbuffet0 . 13 hours ago

San Diego Super Chargers!!!

Megacooler96 . 13 hours ago

Interesting, this'll be a very entertaining season for this division

Shadeskeepr . 13 hours ago

I’m honestly not a charger fan either but this is a W Edit

Searing . 15 hours ago

I loved the Justin Herbert one that went through all his past jerseys
OG San Diego Padres and Chargers fan

OG San Diego Padres and Chargers fan . 15 hours ago

Best media team in the league! #BoltUp
steve jordan

steve jordan . 15 hours ago

they did the colts wrong

Steve . 15 hours ago

Chargers are the most overly hyped team every season with zero to show for it.
AAPP aapp

AAPP aapp . 15 hours ago

Bruhhh they had pat McAfee in it too 😂😂😂
Joshua Fritz

Joshua Fritz . 16 hours ago

Blue and Orange bleeding Bronco fan here, and that was amazing! Great job Chargers Marketing Team.
Zain Bush

Zain Bush . 16 hours ago

yo what song is this?

peartist2 . 16 hours ago

Oh man this rocks!! Cannot wait for Mecha Mahomes vs Mecha Herbert. Chiefs fan
Mr. Rampaging Robot

Mr. Rampaging Robot . 16 hours ago

you just gained a fan from the NFC. Eagles fan btw, but rootin for yall to make the superbowl
Jonathan Auburn

Jonathan Auburn . 16 hours ago

The Wizzard Elphrid

The Wizzard Elphrid . 17 hours ago

This is pretty cool.

Be cooler if the team was in San Diego, though.

Toast . 17 hours ago

Even as a long time chiefs fan I can say this is epic
Brett Wilkins

Brett Wilkins . 17 hours ago

Roasting almost half the league is hilarious. Jaguars and falcons catching serious strays.

ironshroom . 17 hours ago

This shit's baller af.

lil_myth . 17 hours ago

I’m not even a chargers fan but damn is this fire

blue99 . 18 hours ago

My team will never be as cool as this what's the point
Cam D

Cam D . 19 hours ago

fuck man why this shit ass team gotta drop the hottest shit on yt for a sec

[email protected]Â¥0r¡ . 19 hours ago

At first I thought this was a joke then I saw that this the Chargers official YT channel.

SHELTER . 19 hours ago

Are we not going to talk about how this song is in R6? Great choice lol
Jaedyn Burton

Jaedyn Burton . 19 hours ago

Im a raider but this is fire
Gabe itch

Gabe itch . 19 hours ago

Fuck it chargers are now my 2nd fave team. Titan up and bolt up!
Ben Boeshans

Ben Boeshans . 20 hours ago

When millennials try to relate to the kids:
But no, this is kinda cool, no lie. almost want other teams to do this too

MrGforce52 . 20 hours ago

I like the chargers paying respect to one piece

Madara-uchiha . 20 hours ago

Pls make this a anime

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