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How Good are the New Pokemon from the Teal Mask?


Published on 1 week ago

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WolfeyVGC . 1 week ago

Check out the patreon! https://www.patreon.com/WolfeyVGC
cnmmd qiuoo

cnmmd qiuoo . 22 hours ago

Jayden Roberts

Jayden Roberts . 2 days ago

Using Alight from Fire Emblem? Based OST choice 👏

Nilsperry . 2 days ago

3:12 The opponent is a One Piece fan :D
Wade Poulsen

Wade Poulsen . 2 days ago

What's the song at 01:15?
Regdu Geht

Regdu Geht . 2 days ago

Munkidori has the cool advantage of a fake out and a possibility of poison, so that's cool. It's absurd that Fezandipiti has a risk of obtaining poison and icy wind.

guffthebir72 . 3 days ago

14:33 but jts also toxic instead of poison

guffthebir72 . 3 days ago

7:47 couldnt you use it on teal form ogerpon because it has defiant. Sure, its slow, BUT thats a +6 attack ivy crugel that can be terastalised after you get the buff. Also, if im correct, embody aspect on teal ogerpon buffs speed. Im going to try it out later.

guffthebir72 . 3 days ago

5:21 no it isnt. Its another applin evo

Puritea . 3 days ago

Heeeey wolfey !! wooF af thooo <3!!!
Holr Fpibi

Holr Fpibi . 3 days ago

was given greater stats and a second type.
Mase Harper

Mase Harper . 3 days ago

why didn't you test sinistcha? seems a little lazy

Ken . 4 days ago

Breath of the Wild spoiled me to the point where I can't enjoy playing Pokémon the same way I did with Sword and Shield. Yes, that generation had one of the biggest issues (lack of a national dex), but it performed well, and the graphics were stunning, especially the move animations. I wasn't the biggest fan of Dynamax, but I'd choose it any day over becoming a chandelier that makes everything else run poorly. I really miss the high-quality Pokémon games. Every year, it's always a disappointment, and shills like us continue to support this incompetent company.

Tornadey018 . 4 days ago

The cool thing going for Munkidori is fake out + chance of poison, so that's cool.

Edit: Fezandipiti getting Icy wind + poison chance is crazy
Jacob King

Jacob King . 4 days ago

So with us having access to both Ursaluna does that mean Ursaring can now run Eviolite or does it still count as a final stage evolution
Mega Cj

Mega Cj . 4 days ago

Im really looking forward to how the new mons play out. I feel like Dripplin will have some really good use in making other pokemon far more potent, such as Maushold. Guaranteed 10 hit Popbomb doesnt seem like something that should be slept on. Especially if you can actually use eviolite on it like a lot of people are saying. To me it seems like a very unorthodox support mon that will fly under thr radar until someone uses it in a way we don't expect
Ian Hornbuckle

Ian Hornbuckle . 4 days ago

Sinistcha seems so OP to me?

Dripper . 4 days ago

steel Tera type is op for dripplin

Miralis . 4 days ago

Also keep in mind that standard Grass Ogerpon can use any item she wants. She doesn't have to waste the slot on on a mask. Like the Fire one is pretty good with Moldbreaker for example but really wants to hold boots but can't and thus gets stealth rocked hard.

Wisterian . 4 days ago

oh noice he hit 1M! congarts

TheSteveMeister . 5 days ago

pokimon is for kids, adult children like you should be ashamed. cringy a.f.
Luis Fradique

Luis Fradique . 5 days ago

I don't understand why people think rock mask ogerpon as 'bad'. Cradily proved grass/rock type to be incredible defensively, and with sand support + rock mask tera, thats a boost on both defenses
Ptao Tom

Ptao Tom . 5 days ago

You may run a bulky set on Ursaluna to make it a hard-hitting tank and heal yourself when you're down because she also receives Moonlight. Essentially, if Snorlax had been a unique attacker, you would have
Kehaku Suzumiya

Kehaku Suzumiya . 5 days ago

Im running ogerpon with energy focus which is so good ignores stat changes and if you run grass also Lense for 100% crit on any moves :p
ace blake

ace blake . 5 days ago

Great vid! This time I just listened since I'm having a headache, so I thought, what releasing these formats in an audio media, most likely podcasts.
Fabio Cacciolato

Fabio Cacciolato . 5 days ago

Fun fact: Ogerpon learns Grassy Glide. Yeah.

PalpitoadPlus . 5 days ago

I legit hope to see Wolfey use Ogerpon on a team. I know it's a great pokemon, but I want to see what kind of set Wolfe would make with it
Kani Ou

Kani Ou . 5 days ago

According to data mining, there is a blank spot in the dex between Dipplin and the following Pokemon. The line's full potential has likely not yet been realized.
joe walker

joe walker . 5 days ago

Fire the Pokémon design team immediatly

VeryGoodCrit . 5 days ago

Why would you ever use Assault vest over eviolite on Dipplin?

YourBoyNobody . 5 days ago

I wonder how toxic chain interacts with the pledge moves. More specifically the water fire combination that doubles the secondary effects of move’s which also stacks with serene grace which is nutty.

YourBoyNobody . 5 days ago

Toxic chain beat up is a thing.
Angus Fox

Angus Fox . 5 days ago

Is dipplin going to make OHKO moves come back?
Mitch K.

Mitch K. . 5 days ago

I'm a bit surprised Bloodmoon Ursaluna didn't get a special attack version of Guts. We currently have abilities that boost Attack, Defense, and Speed while inflicted with a status condition. Where are the special attack and defense version, Gamefreak?
Just Satan

Just Satan . 5 days ago

Matcha Gotcha is a spread move.
Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown . 5 days ago

I understand that important Pokémon have to appear big but sheesh they could give us some lore accurate models here. Dragonite is over a foot taller and more than twice as heavy as Okidogi.

Alex . 5 days ago

oh my god matcha gotcha rhymes for americans....this explains so much
Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith . 6 days ago

Seeing how you didn't mention focus blast during dipplins part, I'm assuming your going for it lmao
Dawn's Buneary

Dawn's Buneary . 6 days ago

Why do they STILL just have still images on Showdown for the gen 9 Pokemon?! You think they would fixed it by NOW!

Joanna . 6 days ago

Powder shifts

JudoVirago . 6 days ago

Pov: Syrup bomp + Defiant/Competitive mons
BlitzWolf Tribal

BlitzWolf Tribal . 6 days ago

Mind's Eye is just Keen Eye and Scrappy merged into one
kazuto kirigya

kazuto kirigya . 6 days ago

i personally run ivy cudgel, spiky shield, substitute, and swords dance on my orgrepon

ZeMufinMan . 6 days ago

I wonder if/what they are trying to imply with making the pokemon secretly evil that are based on characters that are allegories for the branches of the Japanese military

XDarksoulX1129 . 6 days ago

Man Pokemon fans are the reason new games suck... 40$ dlc 7 new Pokemon? "OMG THIS IS AMAZING"
Griselda Gimpel

Griselda Gimpel . 6 days ago

I put an assault vest on my bloodmoon ursaluna and taught it vacuum wave.

TheHortoman . 6 days ago

How to win every 2v2 pve: two rampardos with shell bells and rock slide and two sinischas you just cycle every turn

GFCMayor . 7 days ago

I think for ursaluna it might end up being useful to run vacuum wave. A priority move that hits ghost types is always a good thing
Tristan Helbig

Tristan Helbig . 7 days ago

The fact that he got ogerpon in a normal pokeball and not in a luxury, friend or dusk ball infuriates me
Cody The Black Chicken!

Cody The Black Chicken! . 7 days ago

Sinicha gets scald but not Toxapex? This it outrageous and unfair.

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