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Jehuty VS BT-7274 w/ Castle Super Beast | DEATH BATTLE Cast #228


Published on 1 month ago

We're joined by Woolie and Pat from Castle Super Beast to talk through an epic mecha fight!
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Comments :

Kyle03 Bevins

Kyle03 Bevins . 1 week ago

I looked it up on the Wiki. Coopers gauntlet moves himself and equipment through time, also it stated while inside BT it moves with him.


Kellendoesstuff . 1 week ago

Bt not cause I love that robot but he has beaten 7 or 8 bosses I mean come on bt will smoke this nobody robot

sgt. hunter

sgt. hunter . 1 week ago

Wtf it does apply to bt i just got done playing that mission

Duo Nightroad

Duo Nightroad . 2 weeks ago

BT vs Solid snake

Chungus Humungus

Chungus Humungus . 2 weeks ago

Why has woolie ascended


Salted . 3 weeks ago

Darling in the Franxx Robots vs Evangelion robots. Both aren't actually robots and have a manic primal aspect


Thorveim . 3 weeks ago

BT's vortex shield is an answer to projectiles. If teh ranged came is made with lasers, the Vortex shield doesn't help witht that. Also worth mentioning: titanfall pilots are elite soldiers onto themselves with extreme mobility, and are just as dangerous out of their titans than in them, and titans are autonomous, with BT being especially notable for being a learning machine and a crack shot (where most titans are like stormtroopers when left without pilots, and are notably incompetent). On top pilots are used to grab onto enemy mechs to deal damage to weak points. Jehuty may have to handle two targets at once, one of which can time hop back and forth... not enough to hold a candle to jehuty, but still things worth mentioning. On top I wouldn't use the time travel device: Cooper only had it for a limited time before it ended up destroyed, and may have worked only in the area it was found in (which was unstable time-wise due to the experiments that happened here). Phase shift would be the closest equivalent, making Cooper temporarily untouchable though he would aslo become blind to what is not the environment and unable to attack while shifted.

Mr Zoov

Mr Zoov . 3 weeks ago

Laser core vs vector canon What wins?

Victor Robles

Victor Robles . 3 weeks ago

So no death battle?


Shizzy . 3 weeks ago

If you play cause and effect in titanfall 2 you can for a short time take BT with you in and out of the past, even in one of the boss fights ( slone) she phases in and out of combat. not saying BT would win well because, vector cannon lmao! Still BT if faced with any other grounded mech would smoke them all


Frost . 3 weeks ago

Jehuty is stupid overpowered

SRC 17

SRC 17 . 3 weeks ago

Jehuty is literally a mecha god. How is BT supposed to be able to compete with that, when it's primary weapons is a 30mm autocannon?


Pale_Blood_Moon . 3 weeks ago

I hate logic battles with anime. It's like 2 kids arguing on a fight, one of them using real world items and the just say "hyper lazer of super death that kills everything" anime vs anime is fine. Logic vs logic is fine. Anime vs logic is boring.

Dominick Aguilera

Dominick Aguilera . 3 weeks ago

Do the battle


darcsteel . 4 weeks ago

BT has no nope. Against Jehuty literally everything BT has is nothing

SirCina Bun

SirCina Bun . 4 weeks ago

I stayed away from Death Battle for a long time but seeing this now I just realized they go out of their way to pit iconic characters against each other while knowing absolutely nothing about them... 13:40. Facts is usable for a debate, the fight in theory is extremely one-sided.. another issue I have with DB is they have incorrect facts/interpretations and I believe they simply use iconic characters and inaccurate battles for views. DB shouldn't be taken seriously since that will lead to a lot of headaches.

BoB Ben

BoB Ben . 4 weeks ago

Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

arnold moreno

arnold moreno . 4 weeks ago

Look at the end of the credits bt sends a Morse code to jack that said jack? That means hes alive after the huge explosion from the ark


Ymir . 4 weeks ago

This isn't even fair. BT did not die for this

Jet 27

Jet 27 . 4 weeks ago

Pat, go play more Titanfall 2! You outta know that a vortex shield will block non-projectile weapons just as well. Also, you 100% do time-travel in BT, but the whole point should frankly be mute, cause the device is now broken.


xxdeathozzyx . 4 weeks ago

Two words..."VECTOR CANNON"


F B I . 4 weeks ago

Id actually love to see this play out as an actual death battle

Camilo Rojas

Camilo Rojas . 4 weeks ago

was trying to think about a fair fight for gurren lagann... but its like the 40k argument, everything is too damn small and weak compared to it.

Camilo Rojas

Camilo Rojas . 4 weeks ago

lets be honest a fair fight would be BT vs a LEV

Patrick Wentzell

Patrick Wentzell . 4 weeks ago

Yes we are always ready now I've got votes about four opponents square off in all new Tag team fights. plenty of blood spilled wild action more of that. fans choice once a week. a new list of death battle ideas by fans are picked to show here the following weeks. I say give death a chance and sweet romance hey that's pretty catchy. blood is in the air. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

『 Robert E. O. SpeedWagon 』

『 Robert E. O. SpeedWagon 』 . 4 weeks ago

We need Metroplex vs Megazord (Transformers vs Power Rangers) G1 composite Metroplex vs any Megazord


Tanner2x4 . 4 weeks ago

Darksouls vs monster hunter.

Fabio Sequeira

Fabio Sequeira . 4 weeks ago

Me liking Screwattack in 08. Me liking Pat and Woolie in 2021. I'm old man.

Josh Conover

Josh Conover . 1 month ago

Bt 7274


StrikeExia00 . 1 month ago

Jehuty 20 meters, Bt 6 meters

Great KingElijah’s 101

Great KingElijah’s 101 . 1 month ago

Death battle can you do George of the jungle vs Tarzan

Accentaur Gaming

Accentaur Gaming . 1 month ago

Also the Ronin phase shift it's a little more complicated than just gravity launching if they have full control of it it's not just one directional

Accentaur Gaming

Accentaur Gaming . 1 month ago

You guys don't know much about your Titan lore what are the Titan types known as the tone has the ability and take down satellites from the ground and the Titan known as Viper could actually stay airborne as long as it's tank allows it and BT has access to all the guns the Tone's rifle northstar's plasma rifle even the mortar racks which are just better versions of the tone bullets which are guided and about the ark it does actually work within the Titan do it about twice near the end of the level


FellowAxe . 1 month ago

I wanna see a battle between John Wick and Kenny Ackermann.

Kayden Bunney

Kayden Bunney . 1 month ago

He can bring bt with him

Kayden Bunney

Kayden Bunney . 1 month ago

Speech she can time travel he can also face shift teach and do a lot of stuff to actually avoid your so called unstoppable laser poser

Mega Bolt

Mega Bolt . 1 month ago

Given Jehuty's weaponry that's been presented in this Death Battle Debate, would Setsuna and his Gundam 00 make for a good Death Battle opponent for Jehuty & Dingo? 🤔

Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray . 1 month ago

Middle of earth shadow of war talion nazgul vs rwby Yang Xiao Long death battle

Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray . 1 month ago

Transformers Omega supreme vs jehuty death battle

James Dill

James Dill . 1 month ago

But Cooper , is a super pooper

Gambit Bro

Gambit Bro . 1 month ago

Shoulda used old lady toph

Zetto Vii

Zetto Vii . 1 month ago

Think BT would have a better chance against the Vital Suit mech from Lost Planet


BlazeDrag . 1 month ago

I like how this was set up as a debate between who would win, and then quickly devolved into literally everyone trying to figure out how BT could possibly win lol

dantae lloyd

dantae lloyd . 1 month ago

Trevor Belmont vs GUTS

Xnd 1191

Xnd 1191 . 1 month ago

Maybe something more like Nu Gundam vs Jehuty or something like that. Or maybe Gundam Unicorn? If BT cant even leave the atmosphere, there's no way it could dream of touching Jehuty. Naked Jehuty = BT + it's EnTiRe FaMiLy dead

j bryer

j bryer . 1 month ago

Bt cant time travel tho! Cooper is flipping between two set states on a specific facility on a specific planet where time shenanigans occured.

Crusix Angel

Crusix Angel . 1 month ago

Titans from the titanfall series CAN move on their own. Moat noticeably they can be set to roam, defend an area, follow pilot, or defend pilot mode while the pilot isn't in the pit they can also be set to detonate their nuclear cores after safely ejecting their titan pilots


HillelTaco . 1 month ago

Fun discussion even if the winner was obvious, but I don't think they're as comparable in height as Pat said, I'm pretty sure Jehuty is like 3 times as big as BT lol. And still way faster, that's the crazy thing


TheJman5683 . 1 month ago

Please, Please have Jehuty appear in death battle, but instead of that mech from Titalfall, have Jehuty fight Xenogears


Gilbals . 1 month ago

I think the smarter fight would be BT v. 9Ball

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