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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+
Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus

Published on 1 week ago

Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Number One (Rebecca Romijn), Spock (Ethan Peck) and the rest of the Enterprise crew are back exploring strange new worlds and boldly going where no one has gone before.

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Michael S.

Michael S. . 5 hours ago

Titans Testicle Test Team

Titans Testicle Test Team . 12 hours ago

Can this franchise stop giving Vulcans excuses to act more emotional? Because when it happens too much it takes me out of the experience🙁
Rachel Rexxx

Rachel Rexxx . 14 hours ago

Crossovers! Yayy
Kered Silloc

Kered Silloc . 17 hours ago

Wish they would do a "The Cage" reboot
Dan O

Dan O . 17 hours ago

I don't get it...
Eleanor Berton

Eleanor Berton . 19 hours ago

They are making a lower decks x Strange New World crossover, and I’m so into it!
Rob Tierney

Rob Tierney . 2 days ago

Live long and prosper to the redshirt.

Chrisfs . 2 days ago

What what what ??? OMG
Figger Galaxy

Figger Galaxy . 2 days ago

oh boimler
Cyber X

Cyber X . 2 days ago

OMG! I never knew that the actor who voice Boimler also play one of the main characters for the boys too!

pfelon . 2 days ago

Boimler you loveable schmuck.

Ez-8 . 2 days ago

Trash show

TS . 3 days ago

Time travel shenanigans!
Terrence G

Terrence G . 3 days ago

Nerdy Rican

Nerdy Rican . 3 days ago

Hands down the best Trek series since TNG
BabbyFace Revocation

BabbyFace Revocation . 3 days ago

Live long and prostrate 🖖 my friends

AlienSoundDigital . 3 days ago

Discovery is trash. Picard wasn't worth watching until the 3rd season?. The first episode of strange new worlds was good before pike takes command. Then the show went down hill.
KC Martin

KC Martin . 3 days ago

I love all current and. Past. Star Trek series. I hope new Star Trek Movie comes out in theaters.

David . 3 days ago

Paramount+ sucks. Don’t waste your money. The “ad free” version is twice the cost and they still give you as many commercials as regular tv. And if you pause the screen to take inthe detail of the show or movie, there’s another ad that pops up.
It’s also one of the less user friendly apps, and adding showtime adds only a handful of movies. Let this service die.
Sammy Longoria

Sammy Longoria . 3 days ago

Boimler is the ultimate fanboy and I relate to him a lot, seeing him meet his heroes is going to be amazing

Digtzy . 3 days ago

I remember saying to my husband "Hey you know, the guy that plays Hughie (The Boys) would make a great Boimler!" and then he says to me "That's because he is Boimler" and my mind got blown so hard XD

uberfu . 3 days ago

It's Campy ... It's like Paramount/CBS opted to try and compete with The Orville when ST:D FAILED to live up to Star Trek's legacy ... then Paramount overcompsated with SNWs and went too far the other direction and ... again FAILED. This IS NOT Star Trek.

chknoodle . 4 days ago

What word is Mariner actually saying at 0:28? It's definitely not "surprise", her lips never make an S sound.

Ashkihyena . 4 days ago

Oh look, putting garbage into other garbage to make twice the garbage.

Ethan . 4 days ago

Star Trek: Lower Decks crossover is INSANE

Redbunnytail . 4 days ago

There's just way too much stuff to watch, these days. Everything eclipses what passed for entertainment in the 90's and 80's. And. True to form. Star Trek looks WAY more compelling than Star Wars. It's for anyone to judge now. Kirk set the bar high, as an individual. 'Star Wars Universe' is into people, who get their station in life from an idea that has grown weak, over the years. You know? The "Force' makes for a boring, sexless 'Republic.' In theory, if you have a 'force' that can control others, it's going to yield a world where everything is about control. And THAT should be vibrant, sexy world. It's the furthest thing from that.
Damon Zap

Damon Zap . 4 days ago

Thank you for everyone involved for making this series possible. Gratitude! ❤💙💛
bob 16.51 hoskins

bob 16.51 hoskins . 5 days ago

Tawny Newsome 😍
Benjamin Moon

Benjamin Moon . 5 days ago

Genuinely, truly, I have not been this excited for a piece of entertainment in a long time. THIS CROSSOVER. I CANNOT WAIT!!

xunit62 . 5 days ago

Oh the words Kirk spoke will hit him hard in the future!🖖🏾
Nathan Grimm

Nathan Grimm . 5 days ago

That trailer was better than all of post-season 2 Discovery.
Marshall Huffer

Marshall Huffer . 5 days ago

I can't wait to see the crossover episode.

Kit_Riker316 . 5 days ago

I LOVE IT the crossover looks great
B-rad's Adventures

B-rad's Adventures . 5 days ago

You guys are doing a lovely job at bringing back the soul of the original. Thank you.

Max . 5 days ago

Love the cross over, kinda bummed they let us all know that #1 was back, obviously didn't care about spoilers :(

xunit62 . 6 days ago

On the heels of Picard season 3 please keep the good times warping on!🖖🏾
will thor

will thor . 6 days ago

Klingons looking like PROPER Klingons
Kairu Hakubi

Kairu Hakubi . 6 days ago

I guess this is the upside to the new policy where voice actors have to be exactly like their characters, after a century of freedom and harmony in the voxosphere.
Their performances, brief as they were, did seem rather more subdued, as if being in the live space de-cartoons you a little bit.
Feon Jun

Feon Jun . 6 days ago

How the F**K am I supposed to see the wonderful strange new worlds when it's covered up by a billion lens flares?

Phishinabowl . 6 days ago

Gah Spock and Chapel have so much chemistry! Can't wait to see the two of them play out over this season! Also so hyped for Boimler and Mariner!!!
Chris Nakagawa

Chris Nakagawa . 6 days ago

i, uh, you, also, live, and...
light speed media ent

light speed media ent . 6 days ago

First season was cool Finally a space show about exploring space
Eric Cummings

Eric Cummings . 6 days ago

Strange new worlds has been excellent from the beginning, and the lower decks despite my early misgivings has earned my respect and appreciation, I can’t believe I’m am utterly floored for the crossover episode, wow!

Kris . 6 days ago


So much awesome in this trailer!!!

pendrake40 . 6 days ago

There are two (2) particular things I am looking forward to seeing/hearing with the LD-SNW CrossOver... *;)*

1.) Seeing Beckett Mariner's (Tawny Newsome) hyper-competency in (live-)action; whether by technical skills &/or combat skills.

2.) Hearing the trademark high-pitched shrieking of Bradward Boimler (Jack Quaid).

Christopher Jannette

Christopher Jannette . 6 days ago

I love how Boimler chokes while giving Spock the 🖖
David S.

David S. . 6 days ago

Opening with a Discovery reference, Spock cheating on his wife, and making the PARODY show canon? Oh, i'm out.
Bill e goat

Bill e goat . 6 days ago

As long as they don't fall into wokeizem

Gizmo . 6 days ago

After how serious and Mass Effect-y Discovery was, I’m glad the producers finally figured out that Star Trek also needs a fair amount of lightheartedness and humor to balance out the drama.
Suzanne Lanoue

Suzanne Lanoue . 6 days ago

Love it!

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