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G Flip - GET ME OUTTA HERE (Official Music Video)
G Flip

G Flip

Published on 2 weeks ago

GET ME OUTTA HERE Out Now via Future Classic: https://gflip.komi.io/

Starring: G FLIP & CHRISHELL STAUSE (@gflip & @chrishell.stause)
Director/Editor: NAS BOGADO (@nashavefun)
Producer: ASH DAVIS (@ash_knows)
Director of Photography / Cinematographer: SEAN GEISTERFER (@zeitgeisterfer)
Steadicam: DAN WILLARD (@steadimandan)
Production Designer: OLIVE KOWALCZYK (@olivepaintsalot)
Art PA: DEMI YOKO (@demi.yoko)
Assistant Camera: LOLA SALGADO (@chicawithbees)
Gaffer: WIL PRADA (@pradawilfilms)
Grip: JOE PADILLA (@top40joe)
Sound: OSCAR SOLIS (@distoothpick)
Stylist: JUSTINE LOGUE (@justinelogue)
BTS Photographer: NAZRIN MASSARO (@nazr.in)
BTS Photographer: JADE DEROSE (@_jadederose)
Production Company: DNI Productions (@dniprods)

​​I liked what we had going on
But something about us sits so wrong
Don’t care that I got played
Fuck all your flower games
I read you got a dirty tongue

Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

So many questions I don’t touch
Escaping when it hits the clutch

Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

I said baby no worries your tears so blue
I said some things I’d rather be hearing from you and it wasn’t that deep it just didn’t fall through
She said i still have something for you in my core
She said sorry I fucked it and cried at the door
She said why aren’t you mad, do you care anymore?


Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

Get me outta here
Running outta air
Running outta
Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

Get me outta here
I got no fucks to give

Jordie Lawson

Jordie Lawson . 18 minutes ago

The best part starts at 2:03 😘 gflips voice here is just 👌 fuckin deadly
Angela Ryan

Angela Ryan . 3 hours ago

The autotune makes my ears bleed. Sooo bad...
Espaço Keisi Aquino

Espaço Keisi Aquino . 4 hours ago

Vim pela Chrishel e gostei da música ❤

Cassie . 6 hours ago

I know this is going to be INCREDIBLE 😍❤️ all the teasers I’ve been fortunate enough to see already… are you kidding me?!?! I cannot wait for the real thing holy hell 😩😩

koreangirlMD . 6 hours ago

Wait holy crap didn’t know Chrishell was bi???
Eden Garden

Eden Garden . 6 hours ago

Chrishell is a good actress. Like all the others girls in the oppenheim group 😅
Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan . 6 hours ago

Hot hot hot 🔥🔥🔥 Love the music so much

6XMariaBForRX9 . 16 hours ago

So the point of this video:
get me out of here
No f* to give
Chrishell making out with the the girl that wants to get out of there and give no f* 😆
Justin Aucreman

Justin Aucreman . 17 hours ago

Put their whole G flussy into this

Suu_ . 17 hours ago

2:05 l like this part
Ree McLaughlin

Ree McLaughlin . 18 hours ago

Go Ladies! ♥️☮️💐
Taylor Clemmer

Taylor Clemmer . 18 hours ago

@chrishell going through a midlife crisis ?

PantsBeOnTheGround . 1 day ago

So she leaves a dude that can give her a baby eventually for a dude looking chick that can't.🤣😝🙃😝🤪
Theressa Pete

Theressa Pete . 1 day ago

I love you Chrishell n I support u both ❤️😍🥰
Tyler doop

Tyler doop . 2 days ago

I randomly found this song on a group watch sesh with my friends. Awesome song!

ems . 2 days ago

Oh no. Chrishell is gorgeous. went from dating JUSTIN HARTLEY, Jason, then this girl. It is progressively getting worse.
Nooshin Shafaei

Nooshin Shafaei . 2 days ago

Such a terrible song
Jane Reno

Jane Reno . 2 days ago

Jason got lucky to jump out just in time! Pathetic!!!!
"I want to be a mother"... but you don't want a father.
Jason can do better than that for sure!
Who can understand this s*???
F show!
opzz xsin

opzz xsin . 2 days ago

Holy crap G…. You nailed it!!!
Al Grimes

Al Grimes . 3 days ago

No doubt x NIN x ....Sonic 2???
Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson . 3 days ago

They turning me gay

humz403 . 3 days ago

Jason sure dodged a bullet. Hopefully no poor child comes as a result of this.
Beth Alves

Beth Alves . 3 days ago

A crisheell deve ter surtado
Yoga 4 Life

Yoga 4 Life . 3 days ago

This is complete shit.
aswer huio

aswer huio . 4 days ago

Liking the Rock vibe,all of it!!!
Mel C

Mel C . 4 days ago

The song is catchy but this video is a bit low budget.

Carly . 4 days ago

*Gay panic intensifies*
Breno Góes

Breno Góes . 4 days ago

came here after watching selling sunset and now im obsessed with them
Deven Rudder

Deven Rudder . 4 days ago

Came here for Crishell and was pleasantly surprised at G Flip. Def a fan now!
monicka lynn

monicka lynn . 4 days ago

Liking the Rock vibe,all of it!!!
Nicolette Potgieter

Nicolette Potgieter . 4 days ago

Ren Truong

Ren Truong . 4 days ago

Been listening to G Flip for a fat minute, but I’m here for Chrishell ngl. (: Love her-

Momtube . 4 days ago

Miranda Lepore

Miranda Lepore . 4 days ago

giving blonde megan fox vibes
mikoy huio

mikoy huio . 4 days ago

Sensational G! ❤️‍🔥🔥🌈😎🥁
Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae . 5 days ago

Sorry song is not the best and chriselle is stunning but she is 40 , and her whole story line was about having a baby . Maybe she was after the big listings after all , poor Jason

Tessa . 5 days ago

her older music is better ngl

Tessa . 5 days ago

there is no way people actually find this good
Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan . 5 days ago

Will be glad when this stunt is over.
Zoe Amanda Buckley

Zoe Amanda Buckley . 5 days ago

this video is my gay awakening
Chandra Kelton

Chandra Kelton . 5 days ago

Well new g flip fan here! This was incredible - great video

chocolate* . 5 days ago

wow, Chrishell really flipping her lid, shameful 😔

C S . 5 days ago

Jason didn't expect this twist.
Manu Raymond

Manu Raymond . 5 days ago

j'espère que cela ne te nuira pas dans ton travail ! bonne route !

acelishous . 5 days ago

bodoti qwiu

bodoti qwiu . 5 days ago

G is always awesome, but this is even better than I expected!

TiltVpip100 . 5 days ago

Wants to have a baby, dates woman instead
Zeli Castillo

Zeli Castillo . 5 days ago

A fan of the music but not chrishell 😂

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