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Tesla Model S PLAID Owner's Review: Things I Love and Hate!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 5 months ago

There are things I love and hate about this car, but ultimately it's my favorite daily diver after 30,000 miles.

Full self driving demo: https://d-yt.com/watch/9nF0K2nJ7N8


Ultrasam . 6 hours ago

At 0:31 there's a train behind mkbhd oh! marques and no sound is heard .thanks for the noise cancellation on the iPhone
Retail Minaj

Retail Minaj . 1 day ago

adjust the fan using voice control and get it booked in to get ur blinkers fixed...
Brandon Bombard

Brandon Bombard . 2 days ago

Bored "yawn" 🥱

Augústo . 2 days ago

13:34 so are voice controls not a thing for AC control???
Ookame Sekwenyane

Ookame Sekwenyane . 3 days ago

Would you recommend buying a Tesla, if you can only charge at home. Lets say the avg miles driven per day is 200. To make things spicey, there is not dealership in the country, one would have to import parts and install them themselves.
Drawn’s Gaming

Drawn’s Gaming . 4 days ago

What year is this car?
Gabriel. Moreno81

Gabriel. Moreno81 . 5 days ago

The only Tesla people should buy is the Model Y. The model S and X needs a major interior upgrade to
Justify the 130K price.
Aaron David

Aaron David . 6 days ago

not his car. gtfo

hb . 6 days ago

12:31 Elon's crappy philosophy: "All input is error" is why I've not bought a Tesla yet. Cool cars if features worked fine all and every time, but Elon sucks at delivering the rightful package for the bucks he asks. Quality of function isn't his forte
Mr K Reeves

Mr K Reeves . 7 days ago

Nice review. 🇬🇧
Richard Coughlin

Richard Coughlin . 1 week ago

I could not live without the stalks on my Model Y. Also, I don’t like having to use the touch screen for anything while I’m driving. Tesla’s elimination of buttons and knobs borders on obsession, to the detriment of driving comfort.
Connor Sinclair

Connor Sinclair . 1 week ago

I like Tesla so cool 😎
Whitney Roberts

Whitney Roberts . 1 week ago

Would anyone mind to share the details on the 3D Plaid badge mentioned at 4:41?

Thank you!
Charles Jaison

Charles Jaison . 1 week ago

Stupid design for the blinkers... what were they thinking?

Gary . 1 week ago

I will agree if the back seats will fold automatically by just pressing a button also the front trunk too. I mean you are paying a lot for a car like come on.

landonfolken03 . 1 week ago

Trunk doesnt even have to be electric, at least just some resistance so it would open once unlatched. Silly what automakers will skimp on sometimes.
BIll Ligon

BIll Ligon . 1 week ago

So when you get the message "Why did you disengage FSD" (it wants a voice response)? I don't know what to say, so I ignore it. BTW FSD is much more improved for me OR I trust it a little more.
G. Warren

G. Warren . 2 weeks ago

With an open anti-black possible Nazi, ain’t no way I could purchase a Tesla as a black American!
Thee A Lister

Thee A Lister . 2 weeks ago

Poor build quality and a subpar driving relative to the performance/price are the main reasons I decided not to buy a Tesla.
Robert Scarlett

Robert Scarlett . 2 weeks ago

Excellent honest review.

photoman . 2 weeks ago

Xpeng P the Chinese car.... Any thoughts???

علي . 2 weeks ago

who here owns a one?
Christon Blackman

Christon Blackman . 2 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣 That Bird!!
Javi Godinez

Javi Godinez . 2 weeks ago

Hey Marques, did you see they recently released the Track Package with the software update that allows 200 mph now? Are you planning on making a video focusing on that?!

SCALE...3D . 2 weeks ago

This car along with the Tesla model S are the only good looking Tesla models, atleast for me. The model 3 looks fine, the model X and Y just look so ugly! This is the only one that turns eyes.
Asad Ullah

Asad Ullah . 3 weeks ago

Won't it be amazing if tesla have a voice assistant for car control and also for home automation
Jabon Wilson

Jabon Wilson . 3 weeks ago

The grocery bag stash is a big seller for me!

Oxycodone . 3 weeks ago

Bro thinks he’s Doug 😂
Adam Zeon

Adam Zeon . 3 weeks ago

I guess if you're rushing to build 2 million cars a year, maintain a $10k profit for each vehicle, pay hourly wage salaries to tens of thousands of employees, pay heavy taxes and fees to local jurisdictions, follow local and international regulations, then build quality will obviously suffer. I wonder if Tesla will be able to continue this strategy without alienating its core customer base.
Bill Coyne

Bill Coyne . 4 weeks ago

😡,,, BATTERY DEGRADATION is the killer..NOTE: car batteries degrade wether you drive them or not. If you bought a gas powered car that lost milage efficiency like this car you would sue the company,,, it would be front page news 😔

Familia . 4 weeks ago

It’s only $130,000… but then again no car is perfect.
Sh Ou

Sh Ou . 4 weeks ago

Now can go 200 MPH and can play Steam games.
Nadia Caldarella

Nadia Caldarella . 4 weeks ago

Most new electric cars (2023) are starting to move away from 100 percent touch screens because of the hazards while driving. We have no-texting laws, yet these luxury cars want you to touch and search everything. If all these things were voice controlled that would be a different story. I have seen newer luxury electric cars bringing the basic (hvac, music, windshield...etc) buttons back.
RobRoy Huang

RobRoy Huang . 1 month ago

You need to set AC to auto mode and just slide the temperature number area left to right. Super easy bro
Scott Breseke

Scott Breseke . 1 month ago

Bottom line: Notice which car he decided to have as his daily driver for a year and a half.
Scott Breseke

Scott Breseke . 1 month ago

Top speed is only 175? Not good enough for my daily commute.
Hari Krishnan

Hari Krishnan . 1 month ago

nobody noticed this apparently but there is a smooth transition in this video starting at 04:06
Lance J. Danks

Lance J. Danks . 1 month ago

So like when you purchased the car didn't you realize it didn't have buttons, It didn't have interior door handles. The vehicle is under warranty, why wouldn't you have service repair the center console? Why wouldn't you fix the turn signal? It seems odd that when you purchased the vehicle you didn't realize it didn't turn stalks, etc, did you not do your research? On this channel alone there are a ton of reviews regarding the Tesla S Plaid.
When I purchased my 2019 Tesla S Performance I knew exactly what I was getting. Nothing like it in the world, well, except for your Plaid....
Travonna Rhodes

Travonna Rhodes . 1 month ago

Very informative! Kindly what year is this car?

Həlios . 1 month ago

How does Tesla manage its air conditioner? Please tell me how to keep it from smelling.
TWIN BATTERY technology

TWIN BATTERY technology . 2 months ago

Thank you for the video! I have a Tesla with a 125kW DIY battery, I think you will be interested :) https://youtu.be/6Ykp5sheU_k
Ajay George

Ajay George . 2 months ago

Porsche Taycan vs Model S ?

snarkyboojum . 2 months ago

At 3:12 did it not lock again as he walked away? :D

siddy24 . 2 months ago

They should have installed shoulder buttons for the blinkers
Jesuis Crissant

Jesuis Crissant . 2 months ago

a yoke should not be doing full turns!! just have a wheel with that steering ratio…
Diego Miranda

Diego Miranda . 2 months ago

I’d get bored of it
Jean-Luc Schieferstein

Jean-Luc Schieferstein . 2 months ago

This needs a re-review! That is to say the new FSD v11, 200mph speeds, and Steam integration. Which makes all promises fulfilled. Also—would love to hear about the wear and tear on the Yoke that I’ve heard about.

Samuel Kirschbaum

Samuel Kirschbaum . 2 months ago

Seems like Tesla's basically making you look at a tablet while driving to do major functions. That's a huge turn off for me towards this
jim weinstein

jim weinstein . 2 months ago

Can we get some clarity on if Tesla is giving us the $7,500 credit into the lease calculation to reduce payments for people who want to get into an EV but want to lease to not be stuck with old technology in 3 years? It doesn't look like it or maybe just on the standard range with the low offered lease figure of $349. Seems like that was the intention of the law and not to put money in the pockets of the lessor as we are the ones paying for this credit through our tax dollars. I have asked, but no one at Tesla seems to know the answer. At the most recent investor day Elon said he wants the vehicles to be as affordable to everyone who wants one to get the transition further along, but if Tesla is keeping the $7,500 lease credit the statement doesn't ring true. Some manufacturers are clearly offering it on some models, but it is frustrating it was not required to be pushed to the customer since we are all paying for it, or maybe my children or their children....:)

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