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Limited Life: Episode 3 - THE AFK SESSION


Published on 2 weeks ago

Limited Life: Episode 3 - THE AFK SESSION Grian was not well during this session and couldn't record, so decided to afk and let fate decide what happens.. This is what happened.

Grian: https://www.youtube.com/@grian
Smallishbeans: https://www.youtube.com/@SmallishBeans
Smajor1995: https://www.youtube.com/@Dangthatsalongname
bigbst4tz2: https://d-yt.com/watch/Bigbst4tz22
Etho: https://www.youtube.com/@EthosLab
BdoubleO100: https://www.youtube.com/@bdoubleo
PearlescentMoon: https://youtube.com/@PearlescentMoon
InTheLittleWood: https://www.youtube.com/@martyn
GoodTimeWithScar: https://www.youtube.com/@GoodTimesWithScar
impulseSV: https://www.youtube.com/@impulseSV
Tango: https://www.youtube.com/@TangoTekLP
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Alimation . 1 hour ago

You know horses at least when your on them don’t fall damage

AJsans . 2 hours ago

Somehow this mad man has made AFK entertaining

Mixtape . 3 hours ago

This video was sooooo funny!!!Somehow being afk the whole time made for some absolutely hilarious content 😂
Sarge Abernathy

Sarge Abernathy . 6 hours ago

"I will not blame you for not watching this episode."

This is one of the best episodes ever.

Squid . 6 hours ago

suggestion for if you ever do this again, use a 360 camera in game so you can see all angles

♡izy♡ . 14 hours ago

Best vid ever XD

°nxtLuna_xD° . 15 hours ago

Joel is like a overprotective father to Grian this episode I love it so much 🤣💗
Keiida Reyu

Keiida Reyu . 15 hours ago

its so wholesome vids

proud of u guys ❤
Ross Tromans

Ross Tromans . 16 hours ago

The AFK episodes are some of my favourites, so entertaining!
Marco Supper

Marco Supper . 17 hours ago

Am I missing something of the rules? Didn't it explicitly state that greens aren't allowed to kill (exception boogy man) and yellows are only allowed to kill greens? There were a lot of yellows who killed yellows this episode?
Aztec Patrick

Aztec Patrick . 19 hours ago

Despite (or perhaps even because of) him being afk, this was a really interesting and entertaining episode. This is my second time watching it.

Plague . 19 hours ago

this is definitely interesting 😂
Quiet Capybara

Quiet Capybara . 20 hours ago

Why did the bad boys asking Grian if he’d seen what they did remind me of enthusiastic 5 year olds? Grian’s commentary made it that much funnier throughout the episode!
Anthony Howard Stark

Anthony Howard Stark . 20 hours ago

i must say, i think it‘s perfect that i have watched your episode first, because not seeing what´s happening makes it 100 times funnier😂😂😂

starswater . 22 hours ago

Hehehehehe, the whole confession thing was way too cute.

Dogfyre . 1 day ago

Why is this so entertaining to watch. It just a man afk, but it's so funny 😂
blue shadow9

blue shadow9 . 1 day ago

This video is 90% waffle

Whathappenedhere . 1 day ago

First 0:01
Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos . 1 day ago

Such a shame no one thought of making Grina crawl or crouch using trapdoors or slabs. Then he REALLY wouldn't have been found.

Ralibur . 1 day ago

Honestly he would die more if he wasn’t afk

DU3L MAUL3RS . 1 day ago

15:38 GRIAN!!!!

Olivia . 1 day ago

I never knew I could be entertained from just seeing a waffle and hilarious banter

RaindyNap . 1 day ago

i don't care who decided not to watch this, they missed out
can't stop laughing

DenaTheGale . 2 days ago

🎶Mr Grian you are AFK
I’m gonna take those sunglasses away🎶
Elda Berry

Elda Berry . 2 days ago

Grian Grian Grian afk, the yellows are gonna take those hours awayyyyy

Averything64 . 2 days ago

I know I'm a little late but I FEEL the stomach bug. This week was a giant conference with students from all around the world and almost every student from my school got it. It was horrible. Also, love this series and previous ones too! Keep having fun!
Notch Poodles

Notch Poodles . 2 days ago

It just occurred to me that I’m eating waffles while watching this video for the millionth time
Notch Poodles

Notch Poodles . 2 days ago

Who else died to a pufferfish I️ need to know

PythFenn . 2 days ago

Weekend at grian's

Kalaismyoc . 2 days ago

Tim and Joel were kinda wholesome, despite the chaos they got into

tristanlukens . 2 days ago

Since this was such a satisfying video, maybe this could be the "thing" for the next Life season. Every session someone could be afk, and the person's video would be like this one. Not sure how you'd choose the person tho

Abbie . 2 days ago

I love the fact that grian being afk video got more than 1mil views

Suchii . 2 days ago

15:38 got me cackling
Elise ig

Elise ig . 2 days ago

The guttural scream of “GRIAN” and then him dying to pufferfish was immaculate

EddyGTV . 2 days ago

Grain before seeing the recording: I was AFK this session, this is gonna be really boring.
Grain after seeing the seeing the recording: 😂😂😂
Chara Violet

Chara Violet . 2 days ago

it's too bad you can't make the footage be retroactively in first person
Violet's fun shorts

Violet's fun shorts . 3 days ago

This is my favorite Grian episode ever

Anonymous_Buddha . 3 days ago

I thought this was rather hilarious! Wouldn’t want it all the time but it’s light years better than nothing. Glad you’re feeling better G Man!
Marcos V. Ribeiro

Marcos V. Ribeiro . 3 days ago

Surprisingly entertaining
Techno’s blade

Techno’s blade . 3 days ago

I absolutely love that he was afk this entire video and still managed to make this a really good vide

GAYJXLLY . 3 days ago

When Grian said “from this point on, you’re not gonna see anything except the back of my head and a glorious waffle.” Really got me laughing 😂
DONZA gaming official

DONZA gaming official . 3 days ago

This was honestly hilarious
Jak Camaray

Jak Camaray . 3 days ago

i love the boys xD they tried so hard to keep the content flowing for him xD

Boritoslayer . 3 days ago

I am just now noticing the waffle.
Daily teen221

Daily teen221 . 3 days ago

After watching Joel's vid and knowing all that happened this episode was just PURE chaos and i love it
Jay Glenn

Jay Glenn . 3 days ago

One of the best episodes ever & he did exactly nothing.

Sentinel_25 . 3 days ago


ProCoder2040 . 3 days ago

Yaz Random

Yaz Random . 3 days ago

They’re all like kids 😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson . 3 days ago

Love your vids gring

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