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The United Stand

The United Stand

Published on 1 week ago

Manchester United 1-3 Brighton and Mark Goldbridge reacts to a terrible loss for Ten Hag's United in the Premier League. 🔔 Man Utd player ratings here https://www.theunitedstand.com/articles/match-ratings/fan-player-ratings-202324-manchester-united-vs-brighton-hove-albion

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Holr Fpibi

Holr Fpibi . 1 day ago

If he wasn't scoring, they would have shipped him away in the summer because of his attitude.
Regdu Geht

Regdu Geht . 3 days ago

I truly thought United could have competed on the same level as Man City, Liverpool, and other top teams, but I've now realized that we are fake.

Joanna . 4 days ago

I truly thought United could have competed on the same level as Man City, Liverpool, and other top teams, but I've now realized that we are fake.
Unice Nedy

Unice Nedy . 5 days ago

complete our chances

Shubh . 6 days ago

Were the really singing " VIVA RONALDO" ? ( SOMEONE please confirm). It's really making my day 😂
Jack Watson

Jack Watson . 6 days ago

I swear man United are stuck in purgatory. Every season is the same issue again and again.
Hute Asoli

Hute Asoli . 6 days ago

There is no use trying to find a single player to blame. In every area, we are garbage. There's no use criticizing the manager. We are beyond control.
Jan Redboyjan Temple

Jan Redboyjan Temple . 6 days ago

Hahahaha again again
Callum Roberts

Callum Roberts . 7 days ago

The midfield is seriously awful,I don't think amrabat improves it either.

Hassanl . 7 days ago

No need mu tobuy a striker if
Shelfish rashford doesnt pass.
Daniel Grigg

Daniel Grigg . 7 days ago

Ten Hag is a worse excuse maker than Klopp. I've never heard a manager more deluded and blind to his own failings after a match.

And if he has no clue he's ever done anything wrong, how is he ever going to learn and improve.
Daniel Grigg

Daniel Grigg . 7 days ago

Can't see you ever playing possession football, with Rashford.

You're always going to be a counter attack team that cede midfield and end up struggling against good teams because of it.

You just don't have players with the mentality to prize possession of the ball and quick passing for more than a couple of passes before wanting to shoot or try something extravegent and low percentage.
Daniel Grigg

Daniel Grigg . 7 days ago

Ten Hag entirely caused the Sancho scenario.

Look how Postecoglou's handled Richarlison for my Spurs. Because Ange isn't looking for scapegoats or to look tough.
Derek Kingham

Derek Kingham . 7 days ago

Goldbridge, You've got to learn that just because a player plays for Utd,it doesn't mean their good.Bang average players mate.
Tom Wilko

Tom Wilko . 1 week ago

Just proves how sh*t and slow international football is dunnit?? Maguire and mctominay are the first name on their country's teamsheets 😅
Eurico Nunes

Eurico Nunes . 1 week ago

Can you really see Ten Hag is sh**!
Jeremiah Olvera

Jeremiah Olvera . 1 week ago

honestly would’ve rather had dan gore in the team than mctominay since amrabat was out

he would give 10x more effort than mctominay ever will and is way better on the ball and way better in passing
Marco The Man

Marco The Man . 1 week ago

“It’s like a mosquito giving the big one to a tank” 😂😂😂
mandla veyi

mandla veyi . 1 week ago

when r going to talk about that motor mouth called bruno......he is the most useless player

M P . 1 week ago

Man United have created a new pressing style now.... its called depressing
Matthew Maayen

Matthew Maayen . 1 week ago

Ten hag is like tuchel he puts pressure on him more then everything
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer . 1 week ago

Just give up and join spurs
Chris Procter

Chris Procter . 1 week ago

When ten hag makes weird decisions he goes all out weird. Still back him though.

Doddciiy201 . 1 week ago

Humble pie after what yas said to us last season... So much for your end of an era theory. We LFC flying high again, yas are back to competing for 5th!
Airport Road Car Sales

Airport Road Car Sales . 1 week ago

Mitchell Andrews

Mitchell Andrews . 1 week ago

Man utd are a selling club now they sold Ronaldo and brought in Jonny evans. Kept Macguire and getting rid of the best goalkeeper in the world and replacing him with a nobody
Mitchell Andrews

Mitchell Andrews . 1 week ago

Rashford is eyeing a move. One of the big 6 clubs will want him
Mitchell Andrews

Mitchell Andrews . 1 week ago

As a small club man utd will struggle with their euro and domestic obligations this season. They need reinforcement across the whole squad. Not one player would be good enough to Pepe
Tayo Sunmola

Tayo Sunmola . 1 week ago

the worst was the fact that brighton's starting line up was worth £16m compared to the humongous amount man utd squad was worth. it's embarrassing.

Dylan2023 . 1 week ago

Imagine being a grown man and caring this much about soccer
Dom Mccabe

Dom Mccabe . 1 week ago

They need Ollie back to take the wheel and steady the ship.
There's something not quite right at Utd.
Nico Blum

Nico Blum . 1 week ago

i doesnt make sense that ETH call out Sancho for training performence, but doesnt call out Rashford for the performence in a game
Jon Long

Jon Long . 1 week ago

I just wish 7 hag didn’t buy hojlund.. another young talent wasted
Kelvin Pell

Kelvin Pell . 1 week ago

The players look like Joe Biden when he fills his pants
Julia Ann (WaitingFor You)

Julia Ann (WaitingFor You) . 1 week ago

Rushford's selfishness in today's match cost us this defeat. The more frustrating part was to have him stay on the pitch till the end.
Redpill Ras

Redpill Ras . 1 week ago

Erik at the wheel 🤣🤣🤣

AG _A . 1 week ago

Mark, the goals were not the same, they were completely different. Watch it 'Match of the Day' and you'll see what I mean.
Cameron Downer

Cameron Downer . 1 week ago

Ten Hag is clearly not a top manager Mark, sorry pal

SR . 1 week ago

Mark I respect you a lot but all other cocky Man Ute fans deserve this humbling ☺️
Ivelin Dimitrov

Ivelin Dimitrov . 1 week ago

I guess Mourinho was right about his greatest accomplishment being winning the europa league with Man Utd lol
Siva Kumar

Siva Kumar . 1 week ago

Why u cant acknowledge sacking ten hag..he has no idea of tactic poor coaching
Yusuf Wadkar

Yusuf Wadkar . 1 week ago

Don't blame the Glazers ... Ten hag wasted funds on waste like mount.. he renewed Rashfraud contract, he gave BurgerShaw contract , he kept Maguire and Mctoilet
Yusuf Wadkar

Yusuf Wadkar . 1 week ago

I knew midfield will fail when Mctominay started ... guy is Pussio and United are one man down everytime he plays

Brehma . 1 week ago

Missing Fred 😢
Michael Irizarry

Michael Irizarry . 1 week ago

How does this guy still support Ten Hag
Vuk Cevu

Vuk Cevu . 1 week ago

I always love to have a good laugh about Man Utd and their fans 😂😂😂
Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Come Fast To Get Into My Body . 1 week ago

No point in looking for an individual player as a scapegoat. We are rubbish in every department. No point in blaming the manager. We are unmanageable.
Zahir Cheouech

Zahir Cheouech . 1 week ago

Zahir Cheouech

Zahir Cheouech . 1 week ago

Zahir Cheouech

Zahir Cheouech . 1 week ago


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