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Ryuko is a Cut Above the Rest in DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 3 months ago

Ryuko and Senketsu are ready to cut their enemies down to size!
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Comments :

the Longneck Man

the Longneck Man . 2 months ago

tengen toppa gurren lagann

Sallow Night

Sallow Night . 3 months ago

Remember when one of Boomstick's schticks was being pervertedly excited for fanservice, and now it disconcerts him?

Nav Bains

Nav Bains . 3 months ago

One of this 1 I like under 1

Phoenix Johnson

Phoenix Johnson . 3 months ago

Can we see Star-Lord vs Cayde-6 fight each other Please!?!

Al To

Al To . 3 months ago

Se ve bueno e interesante su juego de cartas me dan ganas de checar lo, se nota lo pusieron por inspiración de su show.

Greater Grievobeast 55

Greater Grievobeast 55 . 3 months ago

Boomsticks daddy issues are getting worse and worse!

Joshua the inevitable

Joshua the inevitable . 3 months ago


Fan Man

Fan Man . 3 months ago

In my opinion I think killer killer is one of my favorite anime shows of all time. And in general I think anime shows in Japan in someway better than Hollywood movies. Like Ray from the last Jedi, he was pretty bad to be honest but for Ryuko is just one of the best female characters. Even if he doesn’t wear the most questionable outfit. And to be honest the suit doesn’t really bother me. They do explain a reason for it at least. I am really hoping we get a season two soon. I know this story ended with an actual ending (which is actually refreshing) but I feel like there’s more to explore with the life fibers.

Lord Rumshi

Lord Rumshi . 3 months ago

A member in the Death Battle Fury page on Facebook showed a much better matchup for Ryuko, given how this match feels like a throw away attempt for Shadow to gain a victory after losing twice. There are some good suggestions in there so could take a look in there to determine which ones could become a new death battle.


thebigEdziu . 3 months ago

"Tears are gross !!" XD

Zack Attack

Zack Attack . 3 months ago

Looks like this is gonna be a battle of the Black and Red.


fstbr4 . 3 months ago

This is a no contest. Shadow can teleport Ms. Ryuko and her scissor blade into a black hole.

Curtis Levere

Curtis Levere . 3 months ago

Shadow wins because he can't lose 3 times

Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn . 3 months ago

I have a feeling this is the third time Shadow will lose, but I could be wrong.

Jensen Gong

Jensen Gong . 3 months ago

Superman vs home lander


dragonstormx . 3 months ago

You know Ragyo is a horrible parent when even Boomstick is disgusted by her.

Sophie Pedigree

Sophie Pedigree . 3 months ago

Actually the reason the Life Fibers became clothes was because infecting humans directly usually kills them. Being worn as clothes was plan B. Ryuko is one of the few exceptions

dane willis

dane willis . 3 months ago

I have an idea for a death battle episode. Man-Bat vs Man-Spider.

your normal youtuber

your normal youtuber . 3 months ago

Doom guy vs doom slayer

Renamon 565

Renamon 565 . 3 months ago

I have a feeling that shadow will use chaos control to freeze ryuko and senketsu will land the killing blow on shadow

Renamon 565

Renamon 565 . 3 months ago

Seeing how mortal kombat is getting a new movie. I hope shang tsung comes back to deathbattle. Not sure who will be a perfect match for him

Ryan Farrell

Ryan Farrell . 3 months ago

I would like to see the dragons from DBZ fight. Barunga and Shenron. I hope it would be a good fight. Can you please try to make this happen???

NitroRX 38

NitroRX 38 . 3 months ago

Shadow won!

Thomas West

Thomas West . 3 months ago

What anime is this girl from

Korneilius Melliza

Korneilius Melliza . 3 months ago



langbo9999 . 3 months ago

The power of striping.


silveryfeather208 . 3 months ago

I can't remember, but if Ryuko is life fiber, then supposedly, only life fiber scissors can cut her. And Ragyo survived getting cut in half so... my bet is on Ryuko

Chuck Baker

Chuck Baker . 3 months ago

You know, I really don't see how "scissor power" can hold up to Chaos Control. But, fine, pair them up simply because they're the same color...


TAYLOR STALCUP . 3 months ago

Just an idea but I think a really cool deathbattle would be Geralt of Rivia VS Kain from Legacy of Kain. These two deserve a faceoff

Bona El-Zǝǝ

Bona El-Zǝǝ . 3 months ago

Johnny Gat vs Lo Wang (Saints Row vs. Shadow Warrior)

ky hall

ky hall . 3 months ago

Wiz is proud of ya Boomstick

Andrew Lamour

Andrew Lamour . 3 months ago

I have a question, why do sonic characters always lose

Susi Mustika

Susi Mustika . 3 months ago

This is probably my favorite death battle

Dino Mite

Dino Mite . 3 months ago

DONT LOSE YOUR WAY!!! hits everytime.

onepiecebuff 3

onepiecebuff 3 . 3 months ago

Loving boomsticks character arc this season.

Noob Artist600

Noob Artist600 . 3 months ago

This is one of those fights people like to imagine but in reality is actually really one sided. Typical death battle.

Anthony Alvarez

Anthony Alvarez . 3 months ago

So why this matchup again?

evil chainsaw gaming

evil chainsaw gaming . 3 months ago

Fine i guess your my little pogchamp come here

Cool Damian

Cool Damian . 3 months ago

✂️Ryuko Matoi is another one of my favorite anime characters of all time👍!✂️


slimeplayz . 3 months ago

Finally kill la kill gets more recognition


TF2Fan101 . 3 months ago



Guntherson220 . 3 months ago

Fingers crossed Ryuko's healing factor is stubborn enough to outlast Super Shadow, and they're not just screwing Ryuko over to give Shadow a win.🤞🤞

Michelle Flores

Michelle Flores . 3 months ago

I have faith in Ryuko. She's so awesome and strong. Rewatched the anime many times Love my waifu :3

Yuya Duel Links

Yuya Duel Links . 3 months ago

Does anyone else think this is not even a fair fight? Like, am I the only one who remembers the Shadow vs Vegeta fight and think there is no way Ryuko can touch him?

Scorpius The Hedgememe

Scorpius The Hedgememe . 3 months ago

Shadow L counter: 3

Oblivion Deity

Oblivion Deity . 3 months ago

At the least, I can hope that Shadow isn't out of character for this fight.

Deon Knight

Deon Knight . 3 months ago

the winner is ryuko

mr Trent

mr Trent . 3 months ago

Well like all death battles hes gonna lose smh

GundamBarbatos9 Veterans

GundamBarbatos9 Veterans . 3 months ago

I love kill La Kill and ryuko ftw

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