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It's Avengers versus X-Men with ScrewAttack alumni Destin Legarie!
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Comments :

Mitchell S

Mitchell S . 4 days ago


Karim Manasry

Karim Manasry . 2 weeks ago

Wanda’s feats are just bigger tbh. Yes WPOTC jean healed the universe but life force Wanda can literally just destroy it and go live in a different universe

pantelis giovanakis

pantelis giovanakis . 3 weeks ago

i think phoenix is way stronger just because of the fact that she is an omniversal being and wanda is at most multiversal (i am not sure if i am right)

Super Ultra Sonic

Super Ultra Sonic . 3 weeks ago

Captain Marvel vs. Jean Grey is better

Darkmatter 476

Darkmatter 476 . 3 weeks ago

Jean Grey (Phoneix version) is strongest - she can even defeat hulk and the best heroes

Toasty Bagels

Toasty Bagels . 3 weeks ago

The Phoenix IS life and death--beyond the understanding of mortals and nearly all the gods. Scarlet Witch has Chaos powers, true--but White Phoenix encompasses EVERYTHING, to my knowledge. Please do the episode soon, guys...this fight will be lit!! 😊

Calvin Henderson

Calvin Henderson . 1 month ago

My money is on dark Phoenix

Joshua A. Kennedy

Joshua A. Kennedy . 1 month ago

Wait, I thought we was doing a death battle between scarlett and Jean not between babies.

Kareem's Art

Kareem's Art . 1 month ago

Have death battle ever had a tie before? If not, this would be the first tie ever.


partypoison . 2 months ago

Gogeta vs vegito


IndigoPhoenix21 . 2 months ago

Phoenix wins by virtue alone that for all of Wanda's strength, she cannot resurrect herself. It's true that her lore states that the Scarlet Witch is a constant in every timeline and universe, but Phoenix is powerful enough to defy that. Even more than Wanda, in the Marvel universe, Phoenix is essentially a law, an absolute. To permanently kill Phoenix would pretty much unmake all existence, as she is the host of all multiversal life energy of past, present and future, which Phoenix can bend to her will at any time. As the White Phoenix of the Crown, she can quite literally do whatever she wants. Scarlet Witch's main issue, apart from not being immortal is that she does not have total control over her power. There's definitely potential for her to be shown to be much more powerful, but as it stands, Phoenix would defeat her.

Cam Blaze

Cam Blaze . 2 months ago


Elson Felix

Elson Felix . 2 months ago

House of ideas from SW = "I'M BATMAN!"


jdrobin1 . 2 months ago

White Phoenix of the crown beats Scarlett witch easily

Private Thanks

Private Thanks . 2 months ago

Wanda also said without the life force she could erase all mutants once again without the use of the life force. She also meant on the same level (omniversal). The only thing us she said she would need enough power and casting time to do it so she would need to be at her best.

Private Thanks

Private Thanks . 2 months ago

If you gave wanda the life force she would absolutely win tbh. Doctor Doom himself stated that the life force itself was more powerful than the beyonder himself so if you add that to wandas power she beat the phoinex. Also Dr Doom said this while posessing the life force. Doom was talking about Pre retcon Beyonder btw.

anything about everything

anything about everything . 2 months ago

That is so unfair people chose wonder just because of her TV show is more successful now because she's more powerful just not fair

anything about everything

anything about everything . 2 months ago

Love wanda maximoff and Jean Grey and but if I have to choose a winner it will be Jean Grey

anything about everything

anything about everything . 2 months ago

The battle of the year it will out throne Thor vs Hulk

Brent Shearer

Brent Shearer . 2 months ago

They both can warp reality, they are both two of the most power entities in the marvel universe. Other then Wiccan they are my favorite marvel characters, that being said sense Wanda can take away your mutant abilities with just a few words.I’m not sure if the Phoenix force would even attached itself to Jean without her telekinetic abilities. I know that it has in the past taken a host without telepathy or Telekinesis but it is strongest with telepaths/telekinetics and correct me if I’m wrong I don’t think it’s ever taken a host without magical or mutant abilities. So unless with Jean being the most perfect host for the Phoenix force means it would still attached itself without her mutant abilities I would have to give it to Wanda. Jean is only an omega level telepath without the Phoenix force so her telekinesis isn’t even on par with Wandas on her own.

Paul Marl Verdida

Paul Marl Verdida . 2 months ago

Well, let’s just put it in greek mythology, Chaos creates life. Easy. 👍🏻

Jamari Stanley

Jamari Stanley . 2 months ago

Do The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

Tow Dow 3

Tow Dow 3 . 2 months ago

wanda is NOT an omniversal being... theres not PROOF that no more mutants was an omniversal event. NOTHING happend in DC, Image, Boom! so yeah. nah.

Tow Dow 3

Tow Dow 3 . 2 months ago

these bozos getting vaccines that dont even stop the "deadly" vai-Rus LOL

Alex Tyson

Alex Tyson . 2 months ago

how about we have female vs female and this one will be Wonder Woman versus Sailor Moon.

Ivory Roach

Ivory Roach . 2 months ago

Martian the Man hunter vs gambit ?

Cam M

Cam M . 2 months ago

these 2 again jean wins next.....

Unprofessional Gamers

Unprofessional Gamers . 2 months ago

This kinda just makes me wonder who wins out of Scarlet Witch/Phoenix and Vivec from Elder Scrolls.


B.O.L.D. . 2 months ago

# 2

Karim Manasry

Karim Manasry . 2 months ago

Are you gonna do the death battle .like the animated fight


Ronnie . 2 months ago

It's most definitely because of the T.V. show lol and I love BOTH characters

zeynep erdogmus

zeynep erdogmus . 2 months ago

How about Scarlet Witch versus Raven

Marcel Lewis

Marcel Lewis . 3 months ago

Did Scarlet witch already lose to the pheonix force in AvX? Im pretty sure I remember her being straight up overpowered by either Namor or Colossus and needing to be rescued.

Eli Mason

Eli Mason . 3 months ago

I love Wanda, but the Phoenix wins this. As long as life exists in the multiverse, the Phoenix will also exist. Wanda (as well as every other living thing in the multiverse) would have to die in order for the Phoenix to actually cease to exist.


Syqø . 3 months ago

I want to see an Antman vs Atom

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator . 3 months ago

This is hard but looks like Phoenix would win!

Double Helix

Double Helix . 3 months ago

A force that cannot be killed vs a magic lady hmmm

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan . 3 months ago

Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna

Indiana Olson

Indiana Olson . 3 months ago

Wanda > fanfiction?

Daniel Dishon

Daniel Dishon . 3 months ago

The Jean that was in the Jamaican Bay was the clone Madalyn Pryer.


swandizzle185 . 3 months ago

I want to argue in the comments here, but I'm confused by how their arguments have played out.

alex powell

alex powell . 3 months ago

for the next death battle episode . charm caster (ben 10) vs raven (dc comics)

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson . 3 months ago

Tbh im late I really hope the do this death battle but they didn't talk about x-men vs avengers like so the x men who had Phoenix force powers were scared of Wanda and yes I know double feat but hope plus Wanda beat dark Phoenix cyclops then hope who then got Phoenix force was able to use chaos magic to destroy it so like basically I'm asking if scarlet witch would be capable of that and in jeans white Phoenix mode are they like one being then or are they still technically separate just curious

Kibishii Baka

Kibishii Baka . 3 months ago

Jean wins. While, technically, reality alteration is a more powerful ability, Wanda is mentally unstable half the time and has repeatedly shown she is weak to telepathic manipulation. Jean happens to be the most powerful Omega level telepath in the MU. She also can psychic blast and psychic siphon; she owned Galactus using that ability. Add in the Phoenix force's ability to exist in any plane, time-line or dimensional existence AND warp reality, and there is no fight to begin with. Wanda would be put in a fantasy land of her mind, her psychic energy drained, and then rendered "brain dead" before she would even have the subconscious chance to do anything.

Kevin Machado

Kevin Machado . 3 months ago

Please do a Scarlet Witch vs Jean death battle with dope animations, it would be so epic 😭

Kevin Machado

Kevin Machado . 3 months ago

What a Jean fanboy lmao, relax

carlos mendez

carlos mendez . 3 months ago

I’m a fan of the show . I have watched it for a long time please please stay with the match ups fighting with graphics. I used to like how you guys show skills along the way of each character. Please come back to the old format . I can’t wait to see the real match up. My vote of course it’s for Phoenix . Without a doubt Phoenix can destroy Wanda and the whole marvel universe.

Bryan Thomas

Bryan Thomas . 3 months ago

Leaning towards Jean. Reality manipulation is definitely the best power but Jean is smarter. She and Xavier took down Exodus who pwned all of the Avengers and Xmen at the same time while telekinetically crushing a city. She also mindraped Cassandra Nova in Xmen Red, NO Phoenix, and then in Morrison's run (Phoenix feat is debatable, here). Both of those instances also show how creative/skilled she is (fragmenting someone's consciousness and then hiding it in millions of minds to bait Cassandra, OR creating an illusion so convincing it fooled someone who effortlessly took down Xavier; someone with genius level intellect). I really don't think Wanda is that intelligent. Wanda is definitely strong, but like you guys mentioned, her biggest power stunt is due to the Lifeforce which isn't really part of her power set. Chaos magic yes. And while the Phoenix isn't technically a part of Jean's mutation, I think what Morrison was trying to get at is she is able to access it via her Omega level telepathy (without realizing it) but was only able to fully wield it after she is killed and remakes her body so she could handle its power. That and she's its human incarnation.

Tyrone Lemon

Tyrone Lemon . 3 months ago


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar . 3 months ago


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