The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

A Marvel writer for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier has revealed that Marvel Studios has a lot of Marvel movies and Marvel Disney Plus shows coming to the MCU than we know! These projects will be apart of Marvel's phase 5 and some maybe in Marvel's phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has already revealed their phase 4 lineup and some of their phase 5 lineup but there is a lot more to be revealed in the near future that will make everything that has happened so far, like Wandavision and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, make sense!

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Comments :

Matthew Tapia

Matthew Tapia . 2 days ago

Wolverine should be introduced in the third or forth x-men film to give cyclops time to be the leader the fox films didn't give time for .

Ralphael Hillman

Ralphael Hillman . 4 days ago

Wake up ppl… illuminati is real and evil!🙏🏾

Freddie Sanders

Freddie Sanders . 6 days ago

Fck this more dc heroes.

Tacticool Gamer00

Tacticool Gamer00 . 6 days ago

Keanu this is your moment to shine as wolverine

john doe

john doe . 2 weeks ago

I hear Brett Stanfield is going to play The Silver Surfer...I get this info from a very reliable source

raiden stark

raiden stark . 3 weeks ago

Would be cool if ms marvel is retcon as a mutant

Jack Jarkin

Jack Jarkin . 3 weeks ago


Astraios Plejaren

Astraios Plejaren . 3 weeks ago

The Sentry inadvertently meets up with Thor Guardians of the Galaxy. 😉🍿🎥

Demardre williams

Demardre williams . 4 weeks ago

I hope one day in one of the phases I just see a title come across the screen that says Wanda in a stand alone movie my soul would leave my body 💀

Nicholas Bray

Nicholas Bray . 4 weeks ago

Perhaps deadpool 3 and the young avengers are def on the table as well !!


Wolverine . 4 weeks ago

I am happy that they are doing Wolverine series rather than a movie. Because in serise we will get see more of Wolverine than just 1:50hr

Jacob Essentials

Jacob Essentials . 4 weeks ago

The obscene mole effectively disappear because chinese medicinally preach by a nippy property. meaty, muddled jeff

Jacob Essentials

Jacob Essentials . 4 weeks ago

The mellow fireman legally saw because criminal successively visit given a spiky rabbi. uncovered, simplistic push


AR . 4 weeks ago

Can't wait for shangchi

Scrappy lam

Scrappy lam . 4 weeks ago

I won’t to see sunfire in the mcu

Jai Norman

Jai Norman . 4 weeks ago

Marvels has terrible movies

Justin Pierce

Justin Pierce . 4 weeks ago

wonder if any of this will be impacted by absorvu. DC

Damian Balkissoon

Damian Balkissoon . 1 month ago

Hopefully they soon make about 10 phases

Chris Moreno

Chris Moreno . 1 month ago

A good title for the 5th avengers “AVENGERS A NEW BEGINNING”

Natey Parrish

Natey Parrish . 1 month ago

Adam warlock is coming to the MCU


Anonymous . 1 month ago

Wait why is there illuminati ?

Yñaki III Asensi

Yñaki III Asensi . 1 month ago

Upcoming movie I Am Groot

Ryuko Gaming

Ryuko Gaming . 1 month ago

Prayer circle for Luke Cage. It was a good show that ended too soon.

Matt Beier

Matt Beier . 1 month ago

What about Gen-X ? That would be a great addition .

Joe Ciavarini

Joe Ciavarini . 1 month ago

As far as the X-Men go, I hope and pray they roll out the mutants like the original comics- Professor X gathers Cyclops/Marvel Girl/ Beast/Ice Man and Angel, and Logan is wandering solo in Canada. This way you could do Wolverine separate from the X-Men. Fiege could do Wolverine vs Hulk, then bring him into the X-Men. This is my hope, but we shall see.

Exo Love

Exo Love . 1 month ago

MUTANTS! It Means that Deadpool will be there too

Monray kiarie

Monray kiarie . 1 month ago

Why did they decide to name a movie Illuminati that is creepy


BMW-E90-HQ . 1 month ago

If marvel keeps going woke they’ll be like licasfilm.

Panturbo Fanger

Panturbo Fanger . 1 month ago

Galactic Storm Infinity Gauntlet Secret Wars

Daniel Ficarra

Daniel Ficarra . 1 month ago

Well better get Iron man back then, hint hint multiverse

Fabian Girsch

Fabian Girsch . 1 month ago

What about the rumors of marvel wanting to revive John Bernthal Punisher?

shawn gabbard

shawn gabbard . 1 month ago

I want to see a team up with Daredevil and Spidey


JT . 1 month ago

they should do Illuminati on a different MCU timeline so we can have RDJ for it.

LeRoy Brown

LeRoy Brown . 1 month ago

The Midnight Sons would a amazing! I would love to see Nemor in the MCU.

krishna kishore

krishna kishore . 1 month ago

It better be huge Jackman as wolverien

Atypical Family The series

Atypical Family The series . 1 month ago

Oml!! So maybe These maybe some of the untitled movies... Ok if some already don’t know, it’s obvious that there creating the “young avengers” (I think that’s one I’m talking about) and the people that are in it.... -falcon/captain America -vision 2.0 -miles -nova -ms marvel -Jane foster/lady Thor -iron heart Iron heart has been confirmed, vision is back (shown in WandaVision), falcon has become Captain America ms marvel has been filming Jane foster is in Thor love and thunder and will probably become lady Thor So to answer the question... I think to continue the trend they’ll have to add miles and nova as 5 out of 2 of those movies that are in production

Jay Ilagan

Jay Ilagan . 1 month ago

early to say, since no movie for Phase 4 yet shown... besides Marvel is known for unpredictable movies unless announced


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

oooh Illuminati? Interesting!

Clay Pigeon

Clay Pigeon . 1 month ago

after Wanda Vision i'm expecting Xmen Shakespeare next or X Force Opera? Dead Pool could probly be more believable in song n dance routines? did you feel like you were on stilts watching Wanda Vision? i kept wondering at the mastery of puppet making & marionette work?

Christopher Doroba

Christopher Doroba . 2 months ago

I mean do you expect marvel to just not make movies? You're acting like oh shit there's more! Yea it's going to be ever present for the rest of our lives. Marvel has a movie studio now lol they will pump this stuff out forever


OddNez . 2 months ago

Would love to see a dark version of Man-Thing maybe on Disney plus but would be happy to see namor make a debut in the mcu

Latino Warrior78

Latino Warrior78 . 2 months ago

Why can't they just use the actor who played black bolt in the Inhumans TV show? He played the role already. Just saying. Makes no sense to leave BB out when he had his own show. 🤔

Mr Pan D. Man

Mr Pan D. Man . 2 months ago

The marvel is playing it safe, so they can’t reveal the next slate of movies because they wanna see how all their movies this yr do in box office. If they see big profit then they will start the production of the next movies.

Star Knight Dragon

Star Knight Dragon . 2 months ago

I think that a squirrel girl series could happen in Phase 5

THE raconteur

THE raconteur . 2 months ago

Only waiting for wolverine....


Blazindragon . 2 months ago

I want to see the Squadron Supreme and the Ultraforce in the MCU

Brian Argo

Brian Argo . 2 months ago

I see Keanu Reaves as Namor! Who agrees with that?

all_your_base r_belong_to_us

all_your_base r_belong_to_us . 2 months ago

Who ready for the M-She-U

Saptarshi Mondal

Saptarshi Mondal . 2 months ago

I want Hugh Jackman as fully charged Wolverine again ✔️😌❤️🔥

benotskee cairo

benotskee cairo . 2 months ago

misleading channel!

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