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I Redesigned 100 Famous Logos
Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan

Published on 1 week ago

pepsi is quaking

Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan . 1 week ago

feel free to pause and zoom into the ones I couldn’t fit in the video 💀 all BANGERS 🚨
Emily Archuleta

Emily Archuleta . 19 minutes ago

Daffa Hobbies

Daffa Hobbies . 1 hour ago

I like feastable

Benny_ASMR . 2 hours ago

Monster Mind

Monster Mind . 3 hours ago

I came to your video to see did you relly change the logos but you didn't 🙁

sleeper . 3 hours ago

the coca cola one actually looked good
Dario Hernandez Aznar

Dario Hernandez Aznar . 3 hours ago

For the howdy logo you could make a cowboy hat on top of the letters

shootthecow . 4 hours ago

if only he knew what this emoji meant 💦
Alkka Keaton22 A b Travil maize

Alkka Keaton22 A b Travil maize . 4 hours ago

coke is the best if you disagree idc
Mr. Corgi

Mr. Corgi . 5 hours ago

Ngo Loan

Ngo Loan . 5 hours ago

"sales are gonna go bananas"
-Ryan 2023
fire napkin jutsu

fire napkin jutsu . 5 hours ago

good thing he didn’t recharge ferrari 😅
Shadow studios

Shadow studios . 6 hours ago

As a Lego fan I don’t like the new Lego design you made I like the classic one but it’s still cool

•_sunsetRH_• . 6 hours ago

wait why are u replying to urself?

PoopFart . 7 hours ago

He accidentally created the Lego store logo in new york
Zapling Studios

Zapling Studios . 7 hours ago

if i ever make a bussniss i will hit you up to make a logo
Ohio Lord

Ohio Lord . 8 hours ago

Orange juice 124

Orange juice 124 . 9 hours ago

I love the nentendo one

YoBoyTerry . 10 hours ago

Put a cowboy hat on the word howdy and rope
Nooblit 456

Nooblit 456 . 10 hours ago

Honestly the google logo actually is pretty good

TheOnlyTbone . 11 hours ago


TheOnlyTbone . 11 hours ago


Zay . 13 hours ago

The time.these logos should be used are April Fools

PuppyPlaysRoblox . 14 hours ago

K but Airbnb is perfect

Edit I finished the vid so is Starbucks

Rainer . 16 hours ago

But does the logo of the lamborghini on the lamborghini also have a lamborghini

hazza . 18 hours ago

nah bro the car ones are the ridiculous ones ☠
Soldier Gamer

Soldier Gamer . 18 hours ago

The waterburger is wayyy bet than whataburger
Dub Productions

Dub Productions . 20 hours ago


KazuTea . 20 hours ago

Please show us all of em

Op_op . 21 hours ago

I feel like ryan made every company block him

CUTECATGAMER . 21 hours ago

13:02 a cowboy hat maybe

CUTECATGAMER . 21 hours ago

8:37 i think this is the best logo youve made so far

Frostyt . 21 hours ago

Bro I made a cool logo for howdy how do I show him best logo of all time

Hawk . 22 hours ago


Neo_Atreides . 23 hours ago

I wanna be able to buy the Juice Man sticker pls make it happen Ryan 🙏🏽

LIFE OF A GOD . 24 hours ago

I love Ryan but I wish he actually tried to make the logos better, maybe by doing less like 10-20 but really trying to make it better.
Ema Moreno

Ema Moreno . 1 day ago

But a hat on the H of the logo
Ken Fukuda

Ken Fukuda . 1 day ago

No not meta Bryan!🤬 yes meta klay🙂

GMAN24247 . 1 day ago

0:00 But I’m feeling 22! 🎶
Runa Laila

Runa Laila . 1 day ago

What application is he using to massage the companies?
Gabriel Bartholomew

Gabriel Bartholomew . 1 day ago

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FeFe . 1 day ago

Pt 2 with the ones we didn’t see
Bethany Wesley

Bethany Wesley . 1 day ago

Go juice man!!

kapo . 1 day ago

The Starbuck logo redesign is actually fire🔥🔥
Aidan Kodesh

Aidan Kodesh . 1 day ago

Us people in the Midwest like the good ol' Culver's

Bob🐦‍⬛ . 1 day ago

Bro rosted us Samsung users with the green bubble but we have blue bubbles it is apple that made it that way

Some-One . 1 day ago

whats the music in this video?
Keith M

Keith M . 1 day ago


P3kt . 1 day ago

6:58 how does he know

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