Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 4 months ago

David Bannigan

David Bannigan . 1 hour ago


Ashley . 3 days ago

blood jesters

blood jesters . 6 days ago

Dude Tom macdonald you are amazing you have so much love you put so much love in your songs and most especially you show love for your family bro that's fucking awesome bro ❤❤❤
Glenn Golding

Glenn Golding . 6 days ago

Aimee M

Aimee M . 6 days ago

Such proud parents! You deserve it Tom! Good man 👍🏻 big love from Australia 🇦🇺
Alexandre Champagne

Alexandre Champagne . 1 week ago

That is the thing that makes me very emotional there ia nothing better than family
Always sunny.

Always sunny. . 1 week ago

You deserve it.
Victoria Rosario

Victoria Rosario . 1 week ago

That is just too sweet! ❤❤❤❤ Well Deserved, Congratulations!
harold chase

harold chase . 2 weeks ago

That certainly put a smile on my face . Blessed be
Jeannette Peña

Jeannette Peña . 2 weeks ago

Very cool 😎
Senior Master Ghost Shadow

Senior Master Ghost Shadow . 2 weeks ago

Bravo brother… very kool… you guys are not only Rockin the Billboard but definitely the world. Stay well and vigilant… great job.. 💯🇺🇸😎🌪🌎👀
Tzunamy ID

Tzunamy ID . 2 weeks ago

No, not your parents, all of you, you as a beautiful family managed to make this masterpiece by yourselves, and you as an amazing family starred in the No. 1 pop song.
You deserve this, the song is just too good.

I dont even listen to pop that much but this song just hits different.

Congratulations Tom, you and your family truly deserve the No. 1 position in the entire country not just in the music charts.
amber williams

amber williams . 2 weeks ago

I'm going to be completely flat honest with you I like the stuff that you stand for but ghost was the best song you've ever written for me it has hiten some very very big topics in my life that I had wish I had said to some people before they had passed away so thank you for writing that song and I think it's an absolute wonderful thing that you still have your parents and that they were in that beautiful song
Victoria Greenfield

Victoria Greenfield . 2 weeks ago

Kody Loveday

Kody Loveday . 3 weeks ago

Will Challenge

Will Challenge . 3 weeks ago

I love it
Harry Ferris

Harry Ferris . 3 weeks ago

You are fucken awesome tomi bro , arohanui aotearoa new Zealand
Ranee Brincat

Ranee Brincat . 3 weeks ago

well done !!
Debra Buckley

Debra Buckley . 3 weeks ago

SO AWESOME! And How CUTE! is ur MoM and ur Handsome DaD💞. I'm SO HAPPY For You and ur Family Tom. UR THE BEST! I'm 61 and Adore You, for Speaking Out on The TRUTH!! GodBless🙏
Kevin Mark

Kevin Mark . 3 weeks ago

Really really cute❤
Linzi Von stockhausen

Linzi Von stockhausen . 3 weeks ago

Just so glad for you all.
Steve King

Steve King . 3 weeks ago

You have obviously reflected value of your parent. Which is awesome. As an old person. I’m proud of you. They must be great people. Keep up the good work you are changing the world never thought I’d be listening to a Rapstar and making my grandkids listen. I’m a big Beatles fan when I started baking listening to you they looked at me like what. Love you, Tom.
Elaine Groom

Elaine Groom . 3 weeks ago

Love this❤

carly . 3 weeks ago

No nobody really wants to hear anything from you

FGG🕊️ . 3 weeks ago

That is so very cool and cute!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
🌞 sunloved.

🌞 sunloved. . 3 weeks ago

Love you Tom, Nova, and parents!!!! Thank you for the best song ever!!!!
Michelle Tabet

Michelle Tabet . 3 weeks ago

I love this man so much and I pray for him and his family for a hedge of protection all the days of their lives
Mike's Road Trip

Mike's Road Trip . 4 weeks ago

Coolest moment for one of the coolest dudes! Wishing you continued success!
Stephanie Panis

Stephanie Panis . 4 weeks ago

lt was the coolest for us too - so great you put your parents in it.
MommaBear MaryAnn

MommaBear MaryAnn . 4 weeks ago

Bravo, Tom! ❤️🩶💙❤️🩶💙
Shannon G

Shannon G . 4 weeks ago

Jade Dragon玉龍

Jade Dragon玉龍 . 4 weeks ago

Awww, that is bloody cool! Bet they plumb loved that! Totally should rope them in on some stuff in the future
Mary Ann Smith

Mary Ann Smith . 4 weeks ago

It called being abundantly blessed
James Parker

James Parker . 4 weeks ago

Just keep doing what you're doing because you're doing it right
Diane Veont

Diane Veont . 4 weeks ago

Deanna Johnson

Deanna Johnson . 4 weeks ago

Love it so much & your parents are precious!❤

101danny . 4 weeks ago

You ROCK bro!!!
Keep doing what you're doing!!!
Its making a difference!!!
Tinamarie Reimer

Tinamarie Reimer . 1 month ago

I love your parents! You are right. They 'are' so cute. And I love you & Nova for making these awesome songs & videos.
Ronda Haley

Ronda Haley . 1 month ago

Very kool.
Sue Simcic

Sue Simcic . 1 month ago

You are simply the best!!! ❤
Teri Atlas

Teri Atlas . 1 month ago

Keep making music!!! So cute!!!😊

TiaC . 1 month ago

I thought it was cute tooooooo aweee
Jess Parker

Jess Parker . 1 month ago

This is the most awesome thing ever! Ghost is amazing! Great job bro!
Cheryl Wine

Cheryl Wine . 1 month ago

You are amazing!!! Never stop!!!
Way Maker Follower

Way Maker Follower . 1 month ago

Very cool 😎
Terry Mashburn

Terry Mashburn . 1 month ago

I'm a big fan

Tricia . 1 month ago

So sweet
Sebastian Mewe

Sebastian Mewe . 1 month ago

plain Wholesome

gb . 1 month ago

Back at you, and the family.

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