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Published on 2 weeks ago

Angela and Michael finally get married in Nigeria and have an amazing time, however, a phone call in the middle of the night ruins this newlywed couple's good times.

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Comments :

Nano Silva

Nano Silva . 6 hours ago

I like Angela! She is full of fun!
Nikola Vanzetti Tesla sacco

Nikola Vanzetti Tesla sacco . 16 hours ago

This is world record "K.O." flawless victory.
konjomahi tadesse

konjomahi tadesse . 19 hours ago

Kkkkkk he say angela sexy and young kkkkk
nancy zapata

nancy zapata . 22 hours ago

Q vieja más ridicula
Miss Alina

Miss Alina . 1 day ago

Because wearing a green bra under white lace was such a smart idea
A. Muchemi

A. Muchemi . 1 day ago

My cute brother honestly i can just dash this Guy my EU Passport i feel sorry for him being an African woman and young ....this woman is so disrespective ....i know how far we hace come ...
Griselda Medrano

Griselda Medrano . 1 day ago

The way she laughs at all the stupid shit she says....nasty raspy ass laugh
حسون حسون

حسون حسون . 2 days ago

اكو عرب
Rosaura Rivera

Rosaura Rivera . 2 days ago

Angela worth her phone in her bra 😂
Rachel Crider

Rachel Crider . 3 days ago

Angela is awesome. good luck in your marriage. Obey what....LOL
I.a. Rodriguez

I.a. Rodriguez . 3 days ago

U know she told him to say beautiful young and sexy
I.a. Rodriguez

I.a. Rodriguez . 3 days ago

U know she told him to say beautiful young and sexy
Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box . 3 days ago

i actually think they make a cute couple
Catherine Sumner

Catherine Sumner . 4 days ago

This part was so funny Angela is a very good entertainer. To love and to obey ? To obay who? No no no.I loved it.
Amy Gankhuyag

Amy Gankhuyag . 4 days ago

Wtf after Babygirl Visa and USman’s wedding, I thought women are not allowed to dance with men in Nigeria??
D. Anderson

D. Anderson . 5 days ago

Oh look! A pig with lipstick!
Vilma Ramirez

Vilma Ramirez . 5 days ago

I will never spending my money to givens ,to bringing to America they are nut head
M Bax

M Bax . 5 days ago

Her skin line is being a black woman.
peace nky

peace nky . 5 days ago

Congrats guys
Antonio Beck

Antonio Beck . 5 days ago

I guess Michael is impaired saying Angela is Adorable and "young" haha

jrbland18 . 6 days ago

Sexual Fruitfly

Sexual Fruitfly . 6 days ago

Michaels hat is everything 🤣
Chanel massie

Chanel massie . 6 days ago

African Weddings look so fun

SendCedis2naira . 6 days ago

Damn Michael is a patient man. Oh my God. I’m from Nigeria and man Michael is something else. I can’t stand her more than 20seconds
ever kabete

ever kabete . 6 days ago

you are standing next to your green card not your wife
ever kabete

ever kabete . 6 days ago

she should have wear a pull up bra

G S . 7 days ago

This woman could not be bothered to get a white bra? How you gonna wear your dingy-ass bra from the '90s on your wedding day? Nasty.
They’re watching Us

They’re watching Us . 7 days ago

Omg did anyone notice her make up on michaels face 😅😅

illalu . 1 week ago

'What is a Queen without a king?' Elizabeth: Am I a joke to you?
Mercy Canis

Mercy Canis . 1 week ago

Who is this pastor
Lottie Bastille

Lottie Bastille . 1 week ago

Was Angela’s mum okay? :(

Barb . 1 week ago

I’m going to puke! Poor Michael! Someone send this boy a Visa!

Barb . 1 week ago

Everybody is looking at Angela saying to themselves, “What the heck does he see in that crazy bitch?”

SĥøţøŢøðørøkí . 1 week ago

To my mom this is wat she calls D I S G R A C E
keni Rochas karter

keni Rochas karter . 1 week ago

Se ven muy bien ,que sean muy felices
keni Rochas karter

keni Rochas karter . 1 week ago

Ustedes piden hacer comentario respetuosos y ustedes nos tienen respeto a nosotro que no hablamos ingles u otro idioma ,ya que seguimos ,digame eso tambien es una falta de respeto ,asi que pido que publique en español tambien
Donna Brasher

Donna Brasher . 1 week ago

Michael vaccinated between looking happy and looking he was going to literally be sick.
Karen Brown

Karen Brown . 1 week ago

I'm so happy for them
dolimi jotoo

dolimi jotoo . 1 week ago

I couldn't understand a word that pastor was saying
Khalid Ali

Khalid Ali . 1 week ago

This man has went through hell and back to get that green card.
dude cx

dude cx . 1 week ago

Dang that sucks right after the honeymoon or during. . . lots of bad luck on their end
mnika voli

mnika voli . 1 week ago

Two words: green card
serdy ximi

serdy ximi . 1 week ago

Their NIGERIAN rules, she can't get a new husband...
littlechrissi koumourou

littlechrissi koumourou . 2 weeks ago

Ang michael your adorable mummy left to watch over your marraige she will always be with you xxxccc

DwynePen . 2 weeks ago

When you know it's completely all wrong but in stubborn reality do it anyway ..
senni bgon

senni bgon . 2 weeks ago

I feel sorry for her mother. But I am glad she dod had a lovely wedding. I love her hair style. And the crown was amazing!

Zahie . 2 weeks ago

She gave me one more reason not to be able to watch Trump...

NEO . 2 weeks ago

7.00 is the only reason he married grandma 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Judah . 2 weeks ago

Angela is definitely one of the vomits to have come out of America.
unicorn sisters

unicorn sisters . 2 weeks ago

He a good guy

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