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Iron Fist VS Po (Marvel VS Kung Fu Panda) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 1 month ago

Two high-flying kung fu masters are ready to prove who the real Dragon Warrior is!

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Comments :

Ben Fry

Ben Fry . 3 hours ago

One of the coolest db


rockstarjvnno . 4 hours ago

I call bs

Peter sebastian galang manalad

Peter sebastian galang manalad . 12 hours ago


Jeffrey Herrington

Jeffrey Herrington . 16 hours ago

If Death Battle didn't make Po the winner of this fight, they'll gain lawsuits from both Animal Rights and P.E.T.A. 🙁

Fawful117 Chortles

Fawful117 Chortles . 22 hours ago

Yo, who's the guy who made Po's sprites? They're so well-made!

Ori the Guardian spirit

Ori the Guardian spirit . 23 hours ago

Lets be real we all thought thought jack black voiced po in this fight


HandyManCan . 1 day ago

Imagine intense training your entire life just to get killed by Po from Kung fu panda

Sawyer Lohrmann

Sawyer Lohrmann . 1 day ago

Darth Vader vs thanos

Nerd_ #4,137.

Nerd_ #4,137. . 1 day ago

…, still, that’s GOTTA smart in the morning. I mean ow!


Darkness . 2 days ago

SOMEONE call PETA THERE is a walking panda? And there is a a human fighting with pajamas


NaggingGnat1228 . 2 days ago


Stephen Lucas

Stephen Lucas . 2 days ago

Po: you want to spare. Prosed’s to kill.

Good To Grow

Good To Grow . 2 days ago

Best one ever! This was AWESOME!!!

Jonas Masyawong

Jonas Masyawong . 2 days ago

Might gai vs po

Brandon Deringer

Brandon Deringer . 2 days ago

Iron fist vs shazam


Jtwizzel . 3 days ago

Tbh I'm pretty sure Iron fist was holding back alot during the beginning since he thought Po was a Joke. However when he got sent to the spirit realm, *oh boy*


Thunderblaze999 . 3 days ago

You guys should do a death battle with Jim from Trollhunters. he has some pretty cool feats! not sure who to put him up against though...


Thunderblaze999 . 3 days ago

you should do a death battle with Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter!

legacy dream

legacy dream . 3 days ago

Bro I just was smiling the whole time it was a good ass fight too


Mr.Graves . 3 days ago

Ok seriously po??? Couldn't put iron fist up against someone who isn't a fuzzy punching bag of awesomeness??? I seriously think the more cartoonish characters should be pitted against each other, like the my little pony characters or po for instance, and keep the more comic book characters to themselves. It just seems more fair really, good job though

Hunter Kirtzinger

Hunter Kirtzinger . 3 days ago

If you guys went back to your old content you’d get your views back

Ayden Vath

Ayden Vath . 3 days ago

Such a friendly battle opening for one of them to die, peacefully. It's nice!

Luke Bruno

Luke Bruno . 3 days ago

I hope they do the Furious Five from kung fu panda vs ????????????

Bacon Blast Sticknodes Mode

Bacon Blast Sticknodes Mode . 3 days ago

Po: let’s have a friendly match! Iron fist: Alright. PO: ENDS UP KILLING IRON FIST SO MUCH OF A FRIENDLY MATCH LOL

Confused human man

Confused human man . 3 days ago

Kung fu panda always was gonna win


RobCrowley85 . 3 days ago

They broke the pattern!! The one to use his ultimate move first won! 😮


Drew . 4 days ago

It was nice that jack black play po

Nia Sayamuongbo

Nia Sayamuongbo . 4 days ago

I 💕 the video….so Amazing

Krous Anthony

Krous Anthony . 4 days ago

What is This madness


kenpoarniceguy1 . 4 days ago

I found the tv show to be non canon

Martin Gamez

Martin Gamez . 4 days ago

For Iron Fist, it was the biggest fight of his life For Po, it was Thursday.


CraftyPanda . 4 days ago

It was over when po saw a dumpling

Manny 556

Manny 556 . 4 days ago

Iron Fist : Disintegrated in spirit realm Kai : *First Time?*


galaxy . 5 days ago

12:09 when the vid starts

ButternautTheKing Studios

ButternautTheKing Studios . 5 days ago

Po solos every character ever created. The plot armor is impenetrable.

Damali Levy

Damali Levy . 5 days ago

Lets GOOOOOOO I really wanted PO to win

Jerome Lancashire

Jerome Lancashire . 5 days ago

8:46 But the TV shows aren't canon?

Bastion Unit B73

Bastion Unit B73 . 5 days ago

am i the only one who had no idea how much kung fu panda content there is

Blond izuku

Blond izuku . 6 days ago

Iron fist is able to go toe to toe with spiderman who was able to dodge light. po could dodge lightning. light is 2500 times faster than lightning i dont think po could react to that mo could his fat slow the impact enough to not kill him. Also the spirit relm orwhatever it us called is where dead people ho so even if po did end up somehow killing iron fist, he would just apear back there and the fight would continue. As iron fist would create a portal back to home town and travel back. TLDR iron fist dodge attacks grom someone 2.5k times faster than po’s reaction speed iron fist wins


Zack . 6 days ago



squidvicious . 6 days ago

When the videos sponsored by ADAM AND F***ING EVE

Corey Whitman

Corey Whitman . 6 days ago

this was the only acceptable outcome

josh fullerton

josh fullerton . 6 days ago



evilcornet309 . 6 days ago

Unfair, if Po didn't used the spirit realm, Iron Fist would have win. maybe.

Hugo Rivera

Hugo Rivera . 7 days ago

Justice after all these years...

broggy '

broggy ' . 7 days ago

Video idea: Kakashi vs Katakuri (Naruto vs One Piece)


Isaaic_corbeil . 7 days ago

Oh my god he sounds Judy like jack black

niko hasan

niko hasan . 7 days ago



Anthonystuff1 . 7 days ago

That was a good Jack Black impersonation


Beau . 7 days ago

Sigh, PO, huh? It's like Superman fighting anything, they just add whatever power they need.

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