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World's Most Expensive Big Mac!
Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts

Published on 8 months ago

i didn't expect it to get so expensive at the end #shorts

Антон Шыхабизян

Антон Шыхабизян . 59 minutes ago

Горд своей страной

freakyqq0 . 59 minutes ago


Mappmn . 4 hours ago

And in hungary???

ILIYAS NASYRULY . 6 hours ago

Bizi kıskanıyolar aq:(
Euis Roscida

Euis Roscida . 7 hours ago

Im from indonesia
Mira Huttunen

Mira Huttunen . 7 hours ago

Where is finland
Jessica the Flower Fairy

Jessica the Flower Fairy . 8 hours ago

Thai: Nvm
M3alem Majnoon

M3alem Majnoon . 10 hours ago

In jordan its 3.77 usd for a sandwich, and 4.52 for a regular small meal. 5.45 usd for medium meal. 6.53 for a large meal.
Агент осо в мусорке

Агент осо в мусорке . 10 hours ago

У нас биг маги стоят дешевле!!
Maulana Fazri

Maulana Fazri . 12 hours ago

Saya orang Indonesia
Fishin and Outdoors AU

Fishin and Outdoors AU . 15 hours ago

It’s 15$ in austa

GhosTY-FR . 22 hours ago

France most expansive
Fikri Aulia Rahman

Fikri Aulia Rahman . 23 hours ago

it’s expensive in nz :/
Black_among us🇲🇽

Black_among us🇲🇽 . 24 hours ago

As a mexican mis carnales i can confirm
asya ç.

asya ç. . 1 day ago

David Prevatti

David Prevatti . 1 day ago

Were is brazil
Ahmet Kara

Ahmet Kara . 1 day ago

Mr beast sen turkiyeye gel bir gunde o tum maniciklerin biter

Albertto . 1 day ago

Finland fucking 11€
Ella Mozzarella

Ella Mozzarella . 1 day ago

I never realised the one’s I buy are way cheaper than the others 💀
Dimar's reaction

Dimar's reaction . 1 day ago

Wait I thought Russia doesn have Mcdonald's😂😂😂
Pablo Bane

Pablo Bane . 1 day ago

Asa indonesia coy!😮
Matias Hiltunen

Matias Hiltunen . 1 day ago

finland left the chat

youriinc . 1 day ago

Netherlands are the most expensive
Selman Ali

Selman Ali . 1 day ago

in turkey its 120 Turkish lira it means around 6 dolar 🤦
Chris L-w

Chris L-w . 2 days ago

in Canada (Ontario) a bigmac is 7.99 plus tax and 9.79 plus tax for a double. thats just for the burger itself nothing else lmao
Ry-Lah19 Canezo

Ry-Lah19 Canezo . 2 days ago

philippines aint up there🤭😂... cheap as hell
Cody Ward

Cody Ward . 2 days ago

How much is it in the pride lands?
Mechanic gaming

Mechanic gaming . 2 days ago

I thought Russia had no McDonald’s? From last short?!
Shivam Prasad

Shivam Prasad . 2 days ago

in fiji it's $15
Biesmans Niki

Biesmans Niki . 2 days ago

Belgium 4 euro 5 euro . Menu 8 euro 9 euro

Sami KARATAŞ . 2 days ago

I turkkkk

Sery . 2 days ago

In egypt It's 3 bucks

TheBajamin . 2 days ago

Now do it based on cost of living.
Yaser abbasi Yaser abbasi

Yaser abbasi Yaser abbasi . 2 days ago

Trace Cannon

Trace Cannon . 2 days ago

I thought there wasn’t a McDonald’s in russia
Chan habib

Chan habib . 2 days ago

Where is Germany?
Muhammad Fauzan

Muhammad Fauzan . 2 days ago

Ada Indonesia cuyyy😱😱😱
kaan özkılıç

kaan özkılıç . 2 days ago

beyler biz varızzzzzz
עמית גינזבורג

עמית גינזבורג . 2 days ago

Israel cost hire dude 😢
Simona Madalina Petrescu

Simona Madalina Petrescu . 2 days ago

Mines romania
Rinchhin Gurung

Rinchhin Gurung . 3 days ago

I love 🇯🇵 Japan 🇯🇵 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Mr beast 😎 🤑
Budda Perkins

Budda Perkins . 3 days ago

Mr beste

⛩️kill3R🎖 . 3 days ago

I for 🇮🇱❤
Jaxxy0515 Bedwars

Jaxxy0515 Bedwars . 3 days ago

Hong kong
Warren Holmar

Warren Holmar . 3 days ago

Yeah double figures here in NZ.
kim Nyland

kim Nyland . 3 days ago

Norway 2? Damn
Errebeene_ 03

Errebeene_ 03 . 3 days ago

España = 12€
Dave Dave Jmara

Dave Dave Jmara . 3 days ago

You missed Australia. Which is double the price of your American

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