The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

Huge recap of a ton of new spider man no way home news that seemingly excludes Andrew Garfield and others from the third MCU film. This video however we will cover that news and what it most likely means moving forward!

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Comments :

Random Fandom

Random Fandom . 2 months ago

Maybe Andrew didn’t get a call, his agent did.

The Viking

The Viking . 1 day ago

What the hell is where’s the werewolf?

Ganaa Max

Ganaa Max . 2 weeks ago

Sony made "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "the Amazing Spider-Man 2" and we all know Sony also made "Venom" so like are they from same universe?


T K . 3 weeks ago

Jamie Foxx's now deleted Instagram post saying he was going to be electro again clearly hints that Andrew's Spiderman will be in the movie as well.


Blue . 3 weeks ago

You can literally see the russo brothers pointing at a picture frame of Garfield's family with a gun

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid

Mr. Mikaelson

Mr. Mikaelson . 1 month ago

Andrew Garfield got cocky and got fired

Mr. Mikaelson

Mr. Mikaelson . 1 month ago

He said he wanted more screen time

Antonio Varga

Antonio Varga . 1 month ago

"I didnt get a call but you know"...he wanna spill it all out so bad but he cant 😂

Teaser PRO

Teaser PRO . 1 month ago

Don't use my preview! This art was made by me


LividZombie14 . 1 month ago

Toby in the thumb nail though it hilarious.

Matthew Villacci

Matthew Villacci . 1 month ago

There all in ,one will die...We will see versions of them.tobey will die.PETER WILL STAY IN HIS UNIVERSE, WITH DR.STRANHE HELP....also Daredevil as lawyer.

Steve Going

Steve Going . 1 month ago

I'm not in favor of Spiderverse unless Noir Spiderman, Spidergwen and Miles Maroles are invluded.


Damon . 1 month ago

seemed serious

Mister Pervert

Mister Pervert . 1 month ago

guys I know the ending of spider man no way home the bad guys are defeated and all 3 spider men have pizza time

Billy Midkiff

Billy Midkiff . 1 month ago

Definitely dodging the question

Theo Constantinou

Theo Constantinou . 1 month ago

Would be nice to see Nicholas Hammond as Uncle Ben. You know who that is right?? 🕷

SanJi The PerV

SanJi The PerV . 1 month ago

It would b a massive disappointment if he nor toby wont make an appearance despite of all of this hyped


RickC137 . 1 month ago

No way home


RickC137 . 1 month ago

No way


RickC137 . 1 month ago

No way


RickC137 . 1 month ago

No way

Kawthar Alfetlawi

Kawthar Alfetlawi . 1 month ago

If Marvel pulls another Bohner on us, I'm gonna put some dirt in their eye

Nath TV

Nath TV . 1 month ago

Spider-man fans: Tom Holland keeps spoiling everything Andrew: *Reverse Uno card*

Dylan Aldous

Dylan Aldous . 1 month ago

Andrew is the worst liar 😂

Luke Ebeling

Luke Ebeling . 1 month ago

Tobey Maguire looks a bit like Frodo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings just sayin


Shoubert . 1 month ago

Into the Spider-verse - No Way Home...


manny3812 . 1 month ago

This also looks like Sony wants to make spiderman more popular than the MCU so let's see what happens in a couple of months cause and if the stunt doubles are in it may only be them adding on to old movie scenes


manny3812 . 1 month ago

I think only their add on will be there like hey remember when then a flash back comes on look at this in spider man far from home the guy who worked for tony stark? Well MARVEL just added on to that seen like if they only cut what they wanted or even in the 2nd hulk movie as he said I kinda broke Harlem well they only show clips not the actor so again I believe it will be add on to old seens to reference when spiderman came across a villain so are they in the movie? yes and no 10 min parts that's it also why do multiverse when Dr Strange is doing it?

Cashew Nut

Cashew Nut . 1 month ago

I think that Andrew Garfield plays one heck of a game of Werewolf!

Justin LaBoy

Justin LaBoy . 1 month ago

indirect answers and half truths = confirmation , in my book.

The Cool show

The Cool show . 1 month ago

While I was watching this video I was interrupted by Tony Robbins


XeoX . 1 month ago

Ok tobey is not young but not as old as in the thumbnail

Poo Robot

Poo Robot . 1 month ago

Yeah, they'll be in it, but it'll be like an Evan Peters Quicksilver/Wanda Vision/Lou Ferigno: Incredible Hulk 2008 trick/joke.


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

It was kind of awkward to watch struggle to answer lol

Dylan Bachman

Dylan Bachman . 1 month ago

So the one pic it had doctor strange and deadpool in it and no ine has said anything about deadpool in it but yet they were both in the one pic in this video so are both of them going to be in the new spiderman movie is this where they finally introduce deadpool into the marvel universe

The Foxx

The Foxx . 1 month ago

I hope Andrew Garfield is talking crud and that he is going to be in no way home, I wouldn't mind a multiverse movie with Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield and introducing Miles Morales instead of Tobey Maguire but whichever way it goes every Tom Holland spiderman movie has been great and so will this one.


GloKevoo . 1 month ago

I need tobey in this shit bro my childhood will come back hes the real spiderman


SUPERTALIPA . 1 month ago

Fly web! Up up and away web!!!

Nicholas Ehause

Nicholas Ehause . 1 month ago

He’s in it. Cmon.

Leo Hawkins

Leo Hawkins . 1 month ago

1:12 Cosmic: Tobey Maguire was just simply walking down the street... My brain: Hey, want Do Wah Diddy stuck in your head all day?

Mack Harding

Mack Harding . 1 month ago

Great content bro. Love tha STORMBRAKER replica! Keep em coming!

Manuel Duarte

Manuel Duarte . 1 month ago

He didnt get a call they emailed him

Manuel Duarte

Manuel Duarte . 1 month ago

He didnt get a call they emailed him

Michael Holmgaard

Michael Holmgaard . 1 month ago

I think Sony is using this multiverse movie to launch Tobey Maguire as their next Spider-Man

Jayvee Ron Jala

Jayvee Ron Jala . 1 month ago

I wonder at some point, if toby and andrew is indeed in the film, i don't think tom holland will see them in set ofcourse to stop him from spoiling things 😂

XShadowDogX #8882

XShadowDogX #8882 . 1 month ago

Andrew didn’t get a call, but he never said they didn’t come in contact with him 😏


Jay . 1 month ago


DJ Playz

DJ Playz . 1 month ago

Andrew sounded kind of sus in that whole clip tho

Prison Mike

Prison Mike . 1 month ago

imagine andrew and toby aren’t actually in it and everyone’s just freaking out for nothing. that’s gonna be so sad lmao

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