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Published on 2 months ago

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6 breakdown ending and post credits explained! Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale ending and post credits breakdown! The finale was great but what does is mean for Sam as Captain America, Bucky, Sharon Carter as the Power Broker and Zemo? Sam could go on to lead the New Avengers as the new Captain America and Bucky could join him. Sharno Carter has something up her sleeve but what? And Zemo certainly isn't finished yet! Meanwhile, John Walker is now US Agent working for Valentina.

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Comments :

Ken Lamella

Ken Lamella . 1 month ago

Did anybody spit their beer out when Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was sitting in the bar as Bucky passed?


Kct1 . 2 months ago


Roger Dodger

Roger Dodger . 2 months ago

Really enjoyed the show. Especially the finale. I don't think it should be compared to Wandavision though. They're very different shows. I think they're both good in their own ways. About Sharon, I wasn't surprised to find out that she was the power broker. I had my suspicions from the moment she got into that car at the shipyard. However, I had hoped that maybe she would give it up upon being pardoned.


Loutzenheiser . 2 months ago

I liked this more than Wandavision. 9/10!


LillyNunez . 2 months ago

Tbh I expected more from the falcon and the winter soldier. I prefer WandaVision

Claudia Guerrero

Claudia Guerrero . 2 months ago

Yo pls, I need that Captain America Shield. Nice vid btw.


IasonCanadensis . 2 months ago

Batroc, not Bartroc XD

Killian Carley

Killian Carley . 2 months ago

I liked this more than wandavision because it had a lot more action and wandavision didn’t get serious until the last episodes


ITendToOverThinkThis . 2 months ago

This finale was great! Definitely a completely new feel then Wandavision

Seth Keleher

Seth Keleher . 2 months ago

I hope she’s talking to Norman Osborne on the phone. Far reach but that’s my hope.

DAG Official

DAG Official . 2 months ago

Play that clip here


MR AC . 2 months ago

WOW! The last episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was AWESOME GREAT AMAZING BADASS COOl. When I saw Sam in his Captain America suit I was like Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Hell yeah! All the moves Sam did was Incredible. Bucky was awesome too. I love Sam Captain America speech. I really think that Sharon Carter is a Skrull. Or she is working with Thunderbolt Ross. This show wasn't a 10 out of 10. It was 3000 out 3000. I really hope Bucky goes by White Wolf. Can't wait for the next MCU Disney+ show. Thank you Disney and MCU for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier show. I had fun watching the show and I love the show. What if in the MCU Secret Invasion Sharon Carter is a Skrull working for Kree. Because most likely there are evil Skrull in the MCU. It would be awesome if the good Skrull working with Nick Fury and S.W.O.R.D. and the evil Skrull working with The Kree. What a plot twist that would be

ARW_Texan YT

ARW_Texan YT . 2 months ago

8/10 I liked WandaVision better

Alex N random

Alex N random . 2 months ago

10/10 i liked it more than Wanda vision

fatal X claw

fatal X claw . 2 months ago

Used to love watching your vids haha what a joke.

fatal X claw

fatal X claw . 2 months ago

Change you’re channel from reviews to just detailing episodes. You’re whack

Derek Broomfield

Derek Broomfield . 2 months ago

How many times can someone say “actually” in a video.......

John Fulton

John Fulton . 2 months ago

This series disappointed me . The way it was shot was a mess and was hard to follow . Overall, this was the worst that Marvel has put out . To top it off , I just couldn’t get emotionally involved... 👎

Brett Short

Brett Short . 2 months ago

Last two episodes sucked. Like the opposite of Wandavision. First 7 minutes were off to a good start. 3/10

Nícolas Arths.

Nícolas Arths. . 2 months ago

"put that clip here" lol

Kelvin Dunn

Kelvin Dunn . 2 months ago

Action packed from beginning to end and very emotional and heartfelt ending as a Veteran of the United States Army!!!!

Shreyansh Keshav

Shreyansh Keshav . 2 months ago

Zemo was wasted

Ryan Vernatter

Ryan Vernatter . 2 months ago

Sorry he’s not captain American. Only Steve is. Could have called him American Falcon. Just like Hollywood to put a dress on a man and call him a woman. Same thing with Cap.

Rouge Vee

Rouge Vee . 2 months ago

Well it would have been better without all of the racial propaganda garbage. WandaVision is definitely superior but this show was good. Though Buckys story arc bums me out being he’s my favorite MCU character.


edenworld . 2 months ago

Captain Falcon America !

Diego Altamirano

Diego Altamirano . 2 months ago

I honestly loved the part at the end where it says Captain America and the Winter Soldier and can't get enough of Wyatt Russell great to know he'll be back!

Ikey Scott

Ikey Scott . 2 months ago

I think wandavision was better but I like falcon and winter soldier.

Dedron Richardson

Dedron Richardson . 2 months ago

10 of 10

oddly Gamer

oddly Gamer . 2 months ago

I kind of feel bad for John lol

jake hedge

jake hedge . 2 months ago

This was a good episode. I didn’t really like sams new suit tho. Seemed cheap or just cheesy. And Sharon could be talking to the tinkerer from spiderman or maybe he’s working with her to make her weapons.

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo . 2 months ago

Excellent video

Zak Koehler

Zak Koehler . 2 months ago

10/10 Five Stars. Great Episode. Yes like it better than WandaVision

Harry S.

Harry S. . 2 months ago


Zora Lala

Zora Lala . 2 months ago

She is not a skrull🤣and she is not the power broker. She never said "i am the power broker " she is a triple agent she probably works for nick fury to defeat the real power broker

Euro Boricua

Euro Boricua . 2 months ago

If Sharon was the Power Broker, how Zemo interacted with her prior to Civil War?

zack Bradshaw

zack Bradshaw . 2 months ago

I feel like it should be "Captain America and Bucky" instead because the Winter Soldier no longer exists.

Scott Boede

Scott Boede . 2 months ago

15 out of 10 for this episode!! Even better than WandaVision!

ryan bloomfield

ryan bloomfield . 2 months ago

How can you possibly compare the two shows man??? The only comparison to be made between both shows could only be that they are bringing social issues that were once taboo on “television” to the mainstream consciousness ✌️

King Tuck

King Tuck . 2 months ago

8 touched on a lot of topics going on today and a lot of left mysteries

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 2 months ago

I give it a 10. It set up a lot and gave us a strong ending. So different from Wanda but i loved them both. Very very pumped for Loki!

Walker in Eternity

Walker in Eternity . 2 months ago

Unless Sharon is a Skrull, her being the Powerbroker makes no sense at all given her previous story arc. She stood up for what is right in The Winter Soldier, I can't see how she would throw that out of the window to become a moustache twirling villain. It also completely invalidates Episodes 3 (especially) and 4.

Othello Mullins

Othello Mullins . 2 months ago

This was a 9 and was better than wandavision non stop action!


doclarock1 . 2 months ago

Wanda Vision.... 5 out of 10. Falcon/WS was 9 out of 10. Finale’ of Falcon/WS episode 6 is an 8, while other episodes were 9 or 10. Too much CGI in helicopter fight. Dreyfus does well as her character. And like US Agent. One mistake, when Sam was fighting the French dude, Sam throws his shield at Frenchwoman, but the shield was deflected by a flimsy chair thrown by Frenchie. I thought the shield was super powerful. Then in the helicopter fight, the helicopter falls from the sky onto Sam, taking the crash full on. With the shield and falcon wings. That flimsy chair must have come from W’kanda!!


DrRemark . 2 months ago


David Estrada

David Estrada . 2 months ago

I personally liked wandavision better, but that’s just me

Josy Carrera

Josy Carrera . 2 months ago

Unfortunately I liked it less then WandaVision, even though I was more excited for it. It was still good, but a bit disappointing.

dillip behera

dillip behera . 2 months ago

Absolutely 10 out of 10.


Johnny82Utah . 2 months ago

I was looking forward to this most when all shows were announced. While it was good they went a different direction than I was hoping. I actually like Wandavision more.


J C . 2 months ago


Jared I

Jared I . 2 months ago

The bromance between Bucky and Sam was just starting to get real...😔 Black Falcon and the White Wolf XXX? 😏

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