The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago


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Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 2 months ago

What an amazing ending!! Great show!

12:1 Trick Shots

12:1 Trick Shots . 2 months ago

great times


englandmp152 . 2 months ago


Jack Day

Jack Day . 2 months ago

BRO I was excited to see it get put together then it crashed

Claude Baron

Claude Baron . 2 months ago

The new suits of Cap Falcon is spot on. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘, and I got to admit Iโ€™m very disappointed in Sharon Carter, heard the rumours but didnโ€™t want to believe in it, after the movies Winter Soldier and Civil War, itโ€™s like she really turned a 360

Larry Smith

Larry Smith . 2 months ago

This episode felt short

Imperfect Lioness

Imperfect Lioness . 2 months ago

I have to admit I have now watched the finale 3 times, and now twice while replaying other people's watch parties. I did my own watch party on my much fun! This was an awesome episode! I'll probably watch it a few more times just to scour it for goodies!

-_- Just do it

-_- Just do it . 2 months ago

Bro i love Jhon walker

Clay Richardson

Clay Richardson . 2 months ago

Great episode! Thanks for the videos

Nightmare Thunderstrikes

Nightmare Thunderstrikes . 2 months ago

The ONLY good thing about this whole series was Sams suit. The ending sucked! No Isaiah Bradley as Cap! Disappointing. Sharon is a Skrull, thatโ€™s the only explanation for upcoming Secret Invasion. And Walker is good again?! Terrible. Thunderbolts are more like an wetworks team as Dark Avengers are bad guys posing as good guys. So many missed opportunities in the characters potential.

Mick DiPiano

Mick DiPiano . 2 months ago

I don't think she was blipped. The argument that made is valid but weak. Your not gonna get a thunderbolt level cameo in the show. Look at what Kevin said about the shows. Important but skipable.


JPValoo . 2 months ago

What an episode, incredible ending to this series/season!


VRG . 2 months ago

awful woke mess of a show. terrible job for the MCU.

surindra persaud

surindra persaud . 2 months ago

right again

Suman Halder

Suman Halder . 2 months ago

Sharon Carter is Skrull


Jjay1979 . 2 months ago

so was this a good finale? iโ€™m going watch it after i get off work

Galaxy Gamer

Galaxy Gamer . 2 months ago

When is the shield given away?


jaimejames13 . 2 months ago

Some cool moments, but as a whole, it was... decent. Episode 7 of Invincible surpassed expectations, but Mortal Kombat was DOA and I actually turned it off 20 min into it.


Rimmy . 2 months ago

12 minutes in and I already want to switch this Disney Globalist BS off yawn

Roger Dodger

Roger Dodger . 2 months ago

SPOILERS I knew she was the power broker the whole goddamn time! Yes! Hahaaaa! Also, imo, what makes a good Captain America was that shit Sam pulled at the end of the fight. That was a good goddamn speech. Also also, how did Zemo accomplish killing those super soldiers from The Raft? How did his Butler know where they were going to be and how did he set up that bomb? Is his Butler Batman? Also also also, so glad John made the right choice there instead of the predictable choice for his character. Was so happy to see him toss the shield and try to save the senators.

Revilegion 24

Revilegion 24 . 2 months ago

The worst sound and worst you tube channel

Ranjit Kumar

Ranjit Kumar . 2 months ago

Amazing episode and this type CARTON power broker theory was correct

Sadia Farhana

Sadia Farhana . 2 months ago

when will u star?? i am excited

Sadia Farhana

Sadia Farhana . 2 months ago

yep we can hear u

Marlon White

Marlon White . 2 months ago

Sup here for it

Tom Yamaguchi

Tom Yamaguchi . 2 months ago

Hair looks good bro

Zane Vine

Zane Vine . 2 months ago


Mid Knight

Mid Knight . 2 months ago

The finale was epic

David Forshee

David Forshee . 2 months ago

Sup man love the show.


MMA POP OFF! . 2 months ago

Iโ€™m excited to watch it also

Alicio Del Toro

Alicio Del Toro . 2 months ago

Would b kewl if Sharon is a skrull

Tyan Studios

Tyan Studios . 2 months ago

Awesome reaction, I love the new episode! Maybe you'll also like my new "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" Parody:)


SKUL GAMING . 2 months ago

I have been placed timeout by the owner for saying Hi?!!!!๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Mr J

Mr J . 2 months ago

When the show will start ? ... eagerly waiting for it


Chandradeep . 2 months ago

Falcon : It's Finale Time... Cut the check...




Akshay Shelke

Akshay Shelke . 2 months ago

After seeing watch party ended in 38 mins โ˜น๏ธ.... I literally disappointed in whole show finale is 38 mins โ˜น๏ธ. But after seeing video and understanding ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…. Hyped again ๐Ÿ˜Ž

yosath minsitha

yosath minsitha . 2 months ago

is it relisted ?

Roy Pickle

Roy Pickle . 2 months ago

Lol bro Iโ€™m staying awake till 3 am to watch it 45 minutes left

Benjamin Hulitt

Benjamin Hulitt . 2 months ago

I canโ€™t wait!!!!!

Bad Drone Studios

Bad Drone Studios . 2 months ago


Elisha Zar

Elisha Zar . 2 months ago

I can hear

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson . 2 months ago

Milwaukee in Da House and yes I can hear ya


ZURO O . 2 months ago

nice stream


TerryMcGinnis . 2 months ago

Game time


Over_Drive . 2 months ago

Stream crashed?

joseph amani

joseph amani . 2 months ago

All the way from Africa


misvideos77 . 2 months ago

Was that lady hydra lady the cameo we were told about?

yogi sepriadi asep

yogi sepriadi asep . 2 months ago


joseph amani

joseph amani . 2 months ago

Hi all the way from Africa

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