Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 7 months ago


MY CHARITY ORGANIZATION/COVID RELIEF FUND:https://theelevenelevenproject.com/

u can text me at (702) 500-0176 !!!!! do it and join the tana mongeau hotline!

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Filmed & Edited by: Ieuan Thomas (https://bit.ly/2X6b2ca) & Tana Mongeau

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Comments :

Past the castle walls 17

Past the castle walls 17 . 1 day ago

Packing a king palm while watchin this, 4/20 is fun but getting high 4:20AM and PM everyday jamming to 80s,90s rock is the life
Halley Hickey

Halley Hickey . 3 days ago

I wanna smoke with you so bad!!
Crazy calise

Crazy calise . 3 days ago

wait wait meeee when Jordan's grandma called him lol im rollin
Frost Glock

Frost Glock . 3 days ago

Bruh, just why.. jus whyy
Taylor Moffett

Taylor Moffett . 3 days ago

there’s lives are fucked up..
abbey patricia

abbey patricia . 4 days ago

i identify as imari when high
abbey patricia

abbey patricia . 4 days ago

can we talk about the dog in the background going through a fucking portal multiple times in the intro
Creek Davis

Creek Davis . 4 days ago

dope as yola ate 10000mgs of edibles and kept smoking and he was awake the whole rest of his day. hes fuckin crazy, check out his youtube
Nana hb

Nana hb . 5 days ago

Amaris mom is so much fun
Jessica Occhiuzzi

Jessica Occhiuzzi . 6 days ago

#withoutyou is 🔥 #anthem 🥰
Jessica Occhiuzzi

Jessica Occhiuzzi . 6 days ago

Modsun is my spirit animal! Shows up with snacks AND weed ... why is this me? 😂🥰 #BucketList SMOKE A BACKWOODS WITH @TANAMONGEAU ... the nerds ropes are fire 🔥 500mg of THC is nothing girl. Trust when I say I can smoke 💨 I love how you want to 'come down' from weed LMAO Tana Baby I don't think you've come down since like 2010 LMAO #loveyoutana I think I have to upgrade my bucket list to **Spend #420 with Tana** DUDEEEEE!!! My dying wish is to spend any day with Tana Mongeau but like any day can be treated like it's #420 cause like I already do lolol
Brooke Ashley

Brooke Ashley . 6 days ago

Bitch Imaris mom is a queen mama I wanna be
Hope Lacefield

Hope Lacefield . 1 week ago

tana Im watchign this hso high I cant evene talki rn holy shit bruh I can teben forrmulate snetecnes tanas Im anso high fuck
controlla la laaa

controlla la laaa . 1 week ago

SHOUTOUT TO AMARI FOR LOVING JOINTS. who wants to smoke a backwoods? All you taste is the cigar!!!!! Tana has money so im sure shes smoking exotics, why doesn't she wanna taste her good weed!
controlla la laaa

controlla la laaa . 1 week ago

I am a weed head. Strong for years. As a fellow pothead- and fan, STOP. We get it, you love weed. Real potheads really do not smoke "extra" on 420. Maybe when I was a teenager. Its just another day.
Sierrah Allegro

Sierrah Allegro . 2 weeks ago

Modsun seems like the sweetest human being

Eva . 2 weeks ago

the dog looked high
Chanel #1

Chanel #1 . 2 weeks ago

Modsun is actually really cute
Malaysia Calvin

Malaysia Calvin . 2 weeks ago

bruh the amount of times i've watched this while. smoking cause im bored is not ok 😂😭 but yea anyone wanna get a stoner groupchat going on snap or messages? drop ya snaps/ numbers and ill make it lol
Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson . 2 weeks ago

Aww iann dior💕
Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson . 2 weeks ago

I think imari doesn’t like to be high. It stresses me out and it feels like he going thru the same
Piper Hesselton

Piper Hesselton . 2 weeks ago

Watching this high af and it’s 10x funnier then I remember
Kaylianna Perkins

Kaylianna Perkins . 2 weeks ago

yall my birthday 4/20 so thanks for sell abating it with me
Avi Puisey

Avi Puisey . 3 weeks ago

People that wanna smoke after this video pls don't it's not good for you :) pls don't love it's not.
Avi Puisey

Avi Puisey . 3 weeks ago

I- this video is just people smoking weed. oop love you tana💖
Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

I love you Tana lmao you are so lit
Lauren Ashen

Lauren Ashen . 3 weeks ago

“Places people!!” 😂😂
Mia Hadwin

Mia Hadwin . 3 weeks ago

Why is mod sun literally me💀😭
Riley M.

Riley M. . 3 weeks ago

why was this a cinematic masterpiece
Isabella Mays

Isabella Mays . 3 weeks ago

I wiiiiish I was just chillin with them smoking bro
Selena t

Selena t . 3 weeks ago

This is the funniest video tana ever made lmfao
Joslyn Arroyo

Joslyn Arroyo . 3 weeks ago

You can roll perfect backwoods with the backwoods wrapper...there’s a vid on youtube but your suppose to roll with the wrapper it’s super easy and dope asf
albasketball AG

albasketball AG . 3 weeks ago

This vlog literally has me so tempted to get outta bed just to smoke to be on the same vibe with all yall (crackling is my favorite) Tana: Gets excited to kiss rapper..... not hyped for the kiss itself but the TASTE of a CREAMY RUSSIAN 🤣🤣🤣
Michela Celi

Michela Celi . 3 weeks ago

Hey Tana, my old high school started 4/0
Julianne Cardinal

Julianne Cardinal . 4 weeks ago

I'm having a shesh while watching this 💯.
Kristy's Edits

Kristy's Edits . 4 weeks ago

Modsun is insane JAJAJAJAJA kinda luv him
Kyra Shalise

Kyra Shalise . 4 weeks ago

If I smoked this much I would literally DUE
Bridget Willey

Bridget Willey . 4 weeks ago

I feel honoured that this entire video was dedicated towards my birthday LMAO
Kale Sr

Kale Sr . 1 month ago

Brooke Diaz

Brooke Diaz . 1 month ago

Tana acts like she's such a stoner but she really isn't when you know true stoners. Like 500 mg edible really isn't something to be freaking out over. My tolerance is super high and I need like 1500 to get really stoned from edibles.

Willkuhn . 1 month ago

Yawehla Jiles

Yawehla Jiles . 1 month ago

My name is yawehla..
Taylor Moffett

Taylor Moffett . 1 month ago

Please text me the pasta recipe
Taylor Moffett

Taylor Moffett . 1 month ago

I love you tana 😂❤️ 420 everyday
Teresa Crispin

Teresa Crispin . 1 month ago

Casually sober asf but watching this makes me feel high 😂

m . 1 month ago

crying in the club i havent smoked in a week
Victor Lavoie

Victor Lavoie . 1 month ago

Tana really know me 😂
cinthia h

cinthia h . 1 month ago

Is Jordan married? Lol
Mya M Garcia

Mya M Garcia . 2 months ago

I love this

Sccergirl22 . 2 months ago

So much better when you’re high, like I can literally relate so much better. 😎 🤙🏾

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