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TANA by Tana: The Commercial
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 10 months ago


Tana by Tana. My first fragrance.
I love you. Thank you for believing in me.

Comments :

Leonardo C

Leonardo C . 6 days ago

"You can't be trending on Target." No one: ... Gabbie Hanna: Hold my poetry book.
Hannah Jamie

Hannah Jamie . 1 week ago

Is this perfume ever coming back?
heather hills

heather hills . 2 weeks ago

just went to tanabytana.com and her domain is literally expired that is so embarrassing-
Justin &Tana Wright

Justin &Tana Wright . 2 weeks ago

She's AWESOME 😍❤️😍
irene koko

irene koko . 3 weeks ago

I love her

blq_nk . 1 month ago

tana tana tana tana
miskel products

miskel products . 2 months ago

I'm On Coke and Haven't Slept In Two Days by Tana
Man Hat

Man Hat . 2 months ago

How to do nothing for a living.
Samantha Kate

Samantha Kate . 3 months ago

What if the perfume was even half as decent at the commercial. It’s not terrible
Daisy Roberts

Daisy Roberts . 3 months ago

Is this perfume still available?
Dodo Titane

Dodo Titane . 3 months ago

Seul les femmes qui peut choisir le bon produit

Minet32 . 3 months ago

This is dumb
luv isellee

luv isellee . 3 months ago

More like hannah montana ✌️
Icon Ari

Icon Ari . 4 months ago

The talent tho

ashleighbiotch . 4 months ago

Dont waste your money on this cheap shit
Evie Owen

Evie Owen . 5 months ago

this is a clear example of my last brain cells helping me spell necessary
kirsten Smith

kirsten Smith . 5 months ago

I liked triggered by tana 😂😂😂
Madison Velvet

Madison Velvet . 5 months ago

She really reminds me of Lindsay Lohan

k. . 5 months ago

TaNa By tAnA

Livia.k . 5 months ago

So like Ari by Ari?
an attempt of comedy

an attempt of comedy . 5 months ago

Who would actually watch 17 minutes of a girl bragging about perfume Apparently me
Eemias' Eutopia

Eemias' Eutopia . 6 months ago

How super awesome! Congratulations Tanas... I actually got goosebumps when marketing you said, 'Tana by Tana."
Emma Proehl

Emma Proehl . 6 months ago

I love u
Shelby Bearr

Shelby Bearr . 6 months ago

I love her
Ayden Serrano

Ayden Serrano . 6 months ago

Now u have no reason to ask for money anymore cause mommas rich lmao
Jennifer Veres

Jennifer Veres . 6 months ago

I need that pink sweater! Where can I get it?!
Jason Barber

Jason Barber . 6 months ago

This is like at the end of the Look What You Made Me Do music video
Allison Heymach

Allison Heymach . 6 months ago

in her lie detector test she said shes never dated a girl besides bella and in this she said “the first girl i ever dated”
Celeste Wright

Celeste Wright . 6 months ago

When you have money, but everything is out of order :(

_Sage_ . 6 months ago

Bernardo Comassetto

Bernardo Comassetto . 7 months ago

Trisha Paytas personality desorder be like:
Miguel Ángel García Delgado

Miguel Ángel García Delgado . 7 months ago

just genious I love it
Miguel Ángel García Delgado

Miguel Ángel García Delgado . 7 months ago

this comercial is fucking amazing
Kassiana Gilice

Kassiana Gilice . 7 months ago

i love her
Lady Rage

Lady Rage . 7 months ago

We love this! You rock!
Super Girl

Super Girl . 7 months ago

When Tana has more alters than Trisha Paytas lmao
Kendra Dawson

Kendra Dawson . 7 months ago

You're come back is real Tana 💕

CaptainCharlie . 7 months ago

Ngl "verified" By Tana sounds fire
Madisson Towriss

Madisson Towriss . 7 months ago

the only thing i learnt from this video is that i wear hooker perfume lmfao

lilacsbby . 7 months ago

walmart markiplier egos
bëth mıtchëll

bëth mıtchëll . 7 months ago

Acts like she put so much work into this all she did was get paid. And she slept thru the launch. What a shit person.
Lara Croft

Lara Croft . 7 months ago

Your actually a great actor though

NadiBRUH MM . 8 months ago

I ordered mine, and I got it! I am so excited! I love Tana!
Alexandria Gustafson

Alexandria Gustafson . 8 months ago

Take a shot every time she says actually Take 2 shots every time she says curated Take 3 shots for everytime she says quintessential 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This was a rollercoaster of a video Lol for your starting at 13 year old fanbase you want to tell them to get laid 😂😂😂😂😂 Some things never change lol
Audrey Beavs

Audrey Beavs . 8 months ago

she is sold out... 😳
Julia Cenci

Julia Cenci . 8 months ago

when is it being restocked i rlly want it🥺

Lea . 8 months ago

watching this after finding out you didn’t do anything for this perfume is so funny
Thicc Sprinkle

Thicc Sprinkle . 8 months ago

I am sure the smell is good but I don’t like the bottle so I will stick to my 2 dollar one 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

ezway2go . 8 months ago

Ew. What a ugly bizarre human
Bonita dragón

Bonita dragón . 8 months ago

*DEATH* By tana

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