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Ep 30: Hiei burns his opponent to cinders! Watch Yu Yu Hakusho on Crunchyroll! https://got.cr/cc-yyh30 Crunchyroll Collection ...
1 year ago - 50,003 views
I love this fight scene from Yu Yu Hakusho! It took me back to when I first watched it. Figure I'll shared to the world and hopes to ...
6 years ago - 138,807 views
Yu Yu Hakusho ! Hiei vs Seiryu - The blue dragon https://www.facebook.com/ANIME.NOLIMIT/ ...
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Displate: http://bit.ly/2hA2ojm Use code: 2SPOOKY for 20% any purchase until the end of October! This is a video I've been ...
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Anonymuz - Hiei Stream : https://open.spotify.com/album/4loCpNaddbRB5P8409qOTq Rap Nation on Spotify: ...
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Did you know Hiei was only going to appear in one story before the author was told he should turn Hiei into a main character?
2 months ago - 665 views
English From Episode 47 Season 2 Hiei, u might be super awsome but XD just shut up eh...
14 years ago - 416,279 views
Hiei usando otras de sus buenas técnicas.
16 years ago - 187,461 views
NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN the music or visuals shown. Just for fun. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of ...
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Shortest lived of her class, if only be a day, the battlecruiser (or battleship, depending on one's own opinion) Hiei was an ...
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best hiei quote ever!!! i take request let me know if you find a better hiei quote.
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hiei #yyh #darktournament Hiei Explained! Vid breaks down how strong he is up to Dark Tournament! yfv Yu Yu Hakusho ...
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Game ⟶ https://www.roblox.com/games/1458767429/GOJO-HIEI-Anime-Battle-Arena?
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un video de hiei un personaje de yuyu hakusho en el que salen los combates y un poco su vida con musica de linkin park espero ...
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I had seen a similar video about them, so I got inspired and made this.
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Escute minhas músicas também nas plataformas digitais! Spotify: ...
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Hiei Gameplay Showcase (HD) Abilities, Awakening and Ultimate | Jump Force DLC Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to stay ...
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Hiei fights against Makintaro during the semi-finals of the Dark Tournament ©1993, 2004 YOSHIHIRO TOGASHI/SHUEISHA FUJI ...
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14, 15 and 16 Funny scenes of Hiei And Kuwabarra fighting, becasue this is where it starts and Never ends Also cuz there bad for ...
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A clip from yu yu hakusho. Botan uses the demon whistle and Hiei falls from a tree as result. Humor ensues.
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Use my link http://bit.ly/HyunsDojo_VRV to get an ad-free trial of the VRV combo pack for 7 days! More from Hyper Gauge: ...
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Basicly the fight scene from episode 80.
16 years ago - 390,729 views
Sasuke VS Hiei was a match up I never really thought of until I seen Death Battle's Naruto VS Yu Yu Hakusho fight. But man, after ...
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Discliamer: i do not own Yu Yu Hakusho.
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Mukuro undressing and connecting with Hiei.
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