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Maasai giraffes snack on acacia trees at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.
4 years ago - 3,315 views
Delve into the remarkable world of nature's communication as we uncover the fascinating tactics employed by Acacia Trees to ...
3 years ago - 12,263 views
VIDEO : Giraffe feeding on Acacia Tree - Filmed by Greg Morgan - Arena East London - 2013.
10 years ago - 137,550 views
Comment below any other FACTS You know about Giraffes! Follow Dean Schneider: Facebook: ...
11 months ago - 3,024,950 views
The tongue is coated in a very slimy saliva that allows to slide over the branches and the thorns with ease. Do you see how the ...
3 months ago - 4,083 views
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7 years ago - 84 views
Giraffe mainly feed on Acacia thorn trees.
9 years ago - 1,364 views
Giraffes , calf & adults, eating leaves of the Acacia sweet thorn tree... also known as Acacia karroo. Species of giraffe is the ...
8 years ago - 90,767 views
Giraffes' unique drool and tongue enable them to deal with obstacles to feeding — such as toxic plant tannins and red ants.
11 years ago - 262,314 views
NEXT The Wild Dogs: #africansafari_SouthAfrica #anilkumar ...
5 months ago - 148 views
Seen on Safari with Private Kruger Safaris in Kruger National Park based in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Book your ...
8 years ago - 2,693 views
Dromedary camels tear through prickly pear cactus with 6 inch needles. Can you watch this? ☆ SUBSCRIBE ...
5 years ago - 15,380,797 views
In our conflict-ridden world it is necessary for all of us to learn how to eat thorns; thorns being the judging, shaming, guilting, hating ...
5 years ago - 1,637 views
What do giraffes eat? It's simple really. But how they eat their food and what they do to eat it efficiently is what makes them so ...
3 years ago - 10,614 views
William Klaassen, the founder, and principal of Blue Giraffe Consulting, explains the communication concept "Eating thorns like a ...
3 years ago - 44 views
To license this clip go to A giraffe eats from a thorn tree branch.
9 years ago - 80 views
Giraffe feeding on a thorny acacia tree in the African savanna Acacia tree,Africa,animal wildlife,animals in the wild,branch -plant ...
6 months ago - 106 views
To license this clip go to A giraffe eats from thorn tree branches.
9 years ago - 75 views
ID: 3451997 ONSCREEN CREDIT - MARIETTE LANDMAN This hungry leopard had no choice but to admit defeat after picking a ...
2 years ago - 2,408,694 views
Peninsular Bighorn sheep eating a spiny Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus cylindraceus) for lunch. After trying 3 barrels, tossing one ...
2 years ago - 48,452 views
Giraffe Can Eat On Hard Tree With Out Pain Full #animals #entertainment #video #amazing #amazing.
5 months ago - 57 views
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5 years ago - 1,186,836 views
One of the visitors to the Kruger National Open Air Park in South Africa. He saw a lion sleeping on the street, he asked about the ...
4 months ago - 170,220 views
To license this clip go to A giraffe feeds on the thorny branches of a ...
9 years ago - 24 views
A close up shot of a giraffe eating Acacia tree in the Serengeti.
5 years ago - 116 views
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