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How to organize Alex | IKEA desk tour | Desk organization

Duration: 05:31

Benita Larsson

Published on 11 November 2019

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This video is about organizing Alex, the IKEA desk. A desk tour. Desk organization station.

When I moved from my house to this apartment I couldn’t bring my desk because it was built in.

I needed something to work at pretty quickly though, so I got the Alex desk from IKEA after some research.

There are two shallow drawers and a cable management compartment. The body is painted particle board and the base is metal. The look is minimal and Scandinavian.

After a clear out I added small clear drawer organizers in the right side drawer. I keep my pens, pencils and markers in the longer compartments in the back along with other longer items where I can easily grab the ends and pull them out.

In the left drawer I added a couple of acrylic containers to just roughly divide the items. In this drawer I keep the notebooks where I jot down video editing tips and tricks, some sticky note pads, a lip balm and reading class case + passport and vaccination certificates. I also keep some clear folders in here with papers that I reach for often or papers I need to deal with soonish.

And that’s how I organize Alex, the IKEA desk.

IKEA desk:

RAACO organizers: https://www.raaco.com/en/products/inserts/

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