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How to Carry Stuff on a Fixed Gear Bike | Sponsored by Chrome Industries

Duration: 12:21

Zach Gallardo

Published on 29 March 2018

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The main appeal of fixed gears' is the minimalism; only what is absolutely necessary to make the bike go is on a truly minimal fixed gear, giving the bike beautiful, clean lines. With that simplicity also comes limited options when it comes to carrying stuff on a fixed gear.

No carrying method is perfect. Each is a compromise between comfort, carrying capacity, convenience, style, and handling. Fixed gear riders have different needs compared to geared cyclists, and heavily rely on handling.

There are two main buckets when it comes to carrying stuff on your bike: carrying the load on your bike and carrying it on your body.

Front baskets add a lot of utility to your bike since you can easily access your belongings while riding and carry bulkier items. Similarly, front racks with bungee cables have more carrying capacity than a basket, and offer more flexibility while sacrificing convenience.

The most popular carrying method for tourers and commuters is a rear rack and panniers, but they are far from the best method for fixed gear riders since they heavily impact handling characteristics.

Messenger bags and backpacks are the most popular carrying method for fixed gear riders. They offer a nice middle ground for comfort, convenience, and carrying capacity while still allowing your bike to handle nimbly.

When it comes to messenger bags and backpacks, Chrome bags often serve as the industry standard and have the hallmarks of great bags from dang near indestructibility, waterproofing, bike specific features, and smart compartmentalization.

If for some reason you can't carry everything you need in a Chrome bag, you can get creative with the straps to secure objects outside of the bag. At the same time, it's good to know that your Chrome bag can carry an insane amount of things inside as well.

Watch to find out exactly how much that is and how to pull it off on a fixed gear.

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