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Ferco's Verona Zero Wall Cinema Seat

Duration: 01:42

Ferco Seating UK

Published on 22 May 2017

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Specifically designed for cinemas where capacity and comfort are of equal importance, the Verona Zero Wall is a luxurious, electrically operated reclining cinema seat.

Clever design enables the backrest to recline into the space created by moving the seat base forward simultaneously.

As there is no gap left behind the chair, the requirement for safety handrails is negated, resulting in less capital expenditure and a more pleasing aesthetic.

The Verona zero wall saves space and ensures that you maintain audience capacity. Whilst also delivering the luxuriousness and feature options of the Premium Verona model.

A premium privacy panel is an additional feature that creates a feeling of exclusivity and home from home ambience. Integrated lighting helps clients located items and read menus.

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